Shipmates: Cruise director known for hair accessories

I’ve been on cruises where they had classes in napkin folding. I learned how to turn a simple dinner napkin into a candle, a fan, a tuxedo or some other fancy shape.

Cruise director Jenn McDaniel wears scarves for headbands and turbans

I’ve also learned towel art on cruise ships. Cruise directors and cabin attendants would demonstrate how to create an elephant, swan, monkey or numerous other critters out of white bath towels.

But a scarf folding class on the Grande Caribe was a first for me.

The impromptu session was put on at the request of passengers who admire cruise director Jenn McDaniel’s many colorful scarves worn as head bands and turbans. Pulling out large plastic containers filled with tons of scarves, Jenn showed how to fold, tie and tuck scarves of many sizes into hair accessories.

An impromptu class on folding scarves

“I never wore scarves as a child,” Jenn said. “I started wearing them when I came on here. It will be seven years on July 26.”

On busy itineraries as cruise director, Jenn says the scarves keep the hair out of her eyes and reduce the need to comb it throughout hectic days. “I think the scarves look cute, too,” she said. “They are easy to use and add a bit of color to whatever you are wearing.”

Photos by Jackie Sheckler Finch




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