Serenity Haute Caribbean Holidays Cruise – Day 15

ABOARD CRYSTAL SERENITY_Today is the last full day of our holiday cruise, and that means one more port of call: Key West, the southernmost point of the United States, the home of Hemingway and his famous six-toed cats, a city that exudes both party and charm, where the fishing is spectacular, and so are the sunsets.

There’s only one problem: We won’t be there.

When we awoke, there was the ocean in all directions, and no sign of land. Not a good omen. Sure enough, the captain soon announced that, due to the windy conditions, we couldn’t dock the ship. Disappointed!

So we are having a third day at sea and waiting for updates on when we’ll arrive in Miami, assuming the weather doesn’t impact that as well. Who knows? We may be forced to stay aboard and start the first leg of Serenity’s world cruise, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, right? It’s somewhat ironic that we are ending the cruise the way it started, with strong winds and white caps.

Since we will have another sea day, cruise director Raphael came on the intercom and announced a set of new activities, including extra lectures and shows, to be detailed in an updated issue of “Reflections,” the ship’s daily planner. One thing I have appreciated about having the Crystal app on our iPhones is the ability to access not only Reflections, but also the menus for the dining options.

Guests, including ourselves, are curious about where the ship is going while we wait to dock in Miami. We assume we’re circling prior to docking, much like an airplane. To date, we have covered almost 2,300 nautical miles. Don’t ask me what that is in regular miles — all I know is that it represents a lot of spectacular food and entertainment.

Will we go ahead and dock in Miami tonight? Or as scheduled, tomorrow? Or can we dock there at all? If not, what? All good questions. To find out the answers, tune in to this space for my wrap-up post.

Crystal Serenity-Luggage tags, credit Gerry Barker

In the meantime, thanks for coming along on our cruise!

Cover photo: Map noting our position

1 thought on “Serenity Haute Caribbean Holidays Cruise – Day 15”

  1. Hi Gary and Pam : We have really enjoyed reading your blog, and being with you. Very accurate coverage!

    All the best, Charlie and Beth


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