Hurtigruten offer: See the Northern Lights or travel again for free

Imagine standing on the deck of a cruise ship along the north and west coasts of Norway, watching a vivid display of green and purple lights dancing across the clear Arctic skies above you. This display, known as the Northern Lights, is an incredible natural phenomenon—and one that guests aboard Hurtigruten’s Classic Coastal winter voyage have an excellent chance of seeing as the ship sails above the Arctic Circle. In fact, Hurtigruten is so confident that their cruises are the best way for North Americans to experience the Aurora Borealis, the company is offering an exclusive Northern Lights Promise: if the lights don’t make an appearance during your Hurtigruten Norway Coastal Voyage, they’ll give you another voyage free of charge.

The guarantee is open to passengers booking a 12-day Classic Round Trip Voyage for departure between Oct. 2015 and Feb. 2016 inclusive. Staff on-board Hurtigruten’s 11 coastal ships will be scouring the night skies and will announce any sightings of the lights to all passengers. Occurrences can last anywhere from a few minutes to hours. However, if they don’t appear during the voyage, Hurtigruten will offer guests the choice of a free seven-day Classic Voyage North, or six-day Classic Voyage South departing between October 2016 and March 2017.

The Classic Round Trip Voyage hugs the Norwegian coastline from Bergen to Kirkenes, where it turns around and starts its journey south back to Bergen. Visiting 34 ports in each direction and covering more than 2,500 nautical miles, the Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage allows guests to explore one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world while enjoying an authentic Norwegian adventure. Excursions on the winter voyages include dog sledding in Tromso, taking a snowmobile trip in Lapland, seeing a midnight concert at the Arctic Cathedral and visiting the Kirkenes Snow Hotel. On board, guests are treated to authentic Norwegian cuisine with ingredients sourced at each port, fresh every day. For example, guests will be able to enjoy fresh Arctic char that was delivered to the ship just a few hours before dinner service, and they’ll hear stories of the suppliers who provided the fish and the waters from which it came.



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    Hurtigruten has a 90% garantie that you see the NortherLights. If you don’t you get a week free next year.
    After being on the boat for 9 days and havent seen anything. What can happen. It’s nature. We where called on deck. The Northerlights could be seen. They had us looking at a clouded sky with the moon behind it. Nobody on deck had seen it. I filled a complaint. The reaction was: One person had seen it and had a photo it. ( 500 people ex staff onboard). I talked to about 30 people, on deck the same night and the next day. Nobody had seen anything.
    This is the reason not to give a week next year. Very convenient for them.
    BIG SCAM. Never ever for me on the Hurtigruten.
    So be aware before you take on this trip and this offer.
    Next time on land again for me.

    The activities offert off board are very much overpriced.
    Food was very nice and there was enough diversity true the day on board.
    Fitness room is there but the size of a cabin.


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