SeaDream’s Raw Foods Program

Image courtesy of SeaDream

Not so long ago, even the some of the most health-conscious travelers came back out having fallen out of their exercise routines and a few pounds heavier.  That was due, in part, to the “indulgence” vibe offered by an all-inclusive cruise vacation; eat and drink a little more than usual, and work out a little less- that’s a real vacation, right?

Truthfully, that definition of “vacation” suits me just fine.

However, I will say, that given all the health-conscious options available aboard today’s ships, my ultra-indulgence mindset might not be quite likely as it would have been, say 10 or 15 years ago.

If I could get some yoga or fitness classes while on board, I’d surely take part; they’re an integral part of my life at this point.  And if I can find healthy eating options, I’d probably go with those too. (At least some of the time- it is a vacation, after all.)

It seems I’m not the only one.  As a complement to their other healthy living options, SeaDream Yacht Club instituted a raw-food program aboard their two ships this summer.  It’s turned out to be quite popular. Developed in conjunction with Hippocrates Health Studio of West Palm Beach, SeaDream’s raw food program has no fish, meat, eggs or dairy products. Nothing is heated beyond 118 F so the food retains all it’s healthy micronutrients. And the options are impressive; in fact, the daily dinner menu offers a complete five-course raw-food menu.

To top it off, SeaDream also offers desserts with no sugar, flour or eggs.  (Does that still count as dessert?)

The line does not completely eschew “glamorous” cuisine, however- there are plenty of more decadent options, and standard menu items like steak, salmon, and pasta are available. Traditional high-end indulgences, like caviar and wine are offered, and in plentiful supply.

For more information about this ultra-luxury yacht line, please click here.

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