SeaDream II, San Juan

Our yacht club suite was our home-away-from-home for a week.

ABOARD THE SEADREAM II-Time to say goodbye.

In a couple of short hours we’ll be leaving the suite that has been our home for the past week. But as this has been no ordinary trip, we’ll be sent off with one of the chef’s special creations, a dish called The Seascape: scrambled eggs and smoked salmon over an English muffin, topped with caviar.

Caviar, like champagne, has been abundant – no special occasion needed. We will miss that. We will also miss:

On SeaDream II no special occasion was needed for a glass of champagne

1.      Fellow passengers, friends for a week. We had so much fun together.

2.      The incredible service, the exceptional crew members who knew our names within a day – and then remembered all the things we liked..

3.      The pleasure of waking up to balmy weather and looking forward to yet another pleasure-filled day.

4.      The gentle ministrations f the Thai spa estheticians – and the daily aromatherapy treats in the sauna.

5.      The scores of good books I still hadn’t read in the yacht’s exceptional library.

Each night our stewardess leaves us a “sweet dreams” gift. We love the rose and the towel-elephant

6.      The multi-head shower that I wish I had at home.

7.      The absence of 24/7 television news – Dr. Andrew Weil recommends a “news fast” to reduce stress. It works!

8.      The Balinese beds on the top deck, the ability to stretch out in comfort under the stars.

9.      Fine dining without having to dress up.

10.  SeaDreaming.

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