Seabourn adds new world class experts to their Antarctic expedition team

Seabourn Quest- Image courtesy of Seabourn
Seabourn Quest- Image courtesy of Seabourn

One of the most interesting and educational cruises to be had, in my opinion, is one that explores the Antarctic region.  This part of the world is so remote, so unspoiled… and so completely different than any place most of us have ever spent time. My first thoughts are of penguins, enormous ice sculptures, and exploration opportunities that are entirely unmatched by the rest of the planet.

It’s an “otherworldly” type of atmosphere, isolated, undeveloped and full of unusual life, like “ice fish”, which have no red pigment in their blood and silently float through the waters with a ghostly white color.  I’ve read quite a bit about the regions and exploration there, yet I was still surprised when I recently learned that Antarctica is the best place in the world to find meteorites. They’re easy to find because they stand out against the ice and snow, are unobscured by vegetation, and tend to gather together due to the flow of ice.

What else don’t I know about Antarctica?  I would love to learn more, and was interested to hear about Seabourn’s addition of new experts to their Antarctic Expedition Team.  Seabourn runs a series of “Ultimate Antarctica & Patagonia” cruises, which includes a senior team of Captain Bjarne Larsen, Program Manager Victoria Wheatley, Expedition Leader Robin West, and Assistant Expedition Leaders Jarda Versloot-West and Chris Srigley.  Their seasoned team’s combined voyages amount to over 225 Antarctic expeditions.

The line also recently added Dr. Roger Hewitt, who has lead expeditions and surveys in Antarctica for more than 15 years; Dr. Jason Hicks, who will discuss the geology/glaciology of South America and Antarctica; Meriwether Gill, marine wildlife expert; Pat and Rosemarie Keough, award-winning photographers; and several others.

The new, expanded 15-member team has a combined 100+ years of Antarctic work and research, and will be involved in Seabourn’s four 21- to 24-day voyages aboard the Seabourn Quest, beginning in November of 2013. Each voyage will feature an expedition team including six lecturers, four naturalists, three expedition specialists and two award-winning photographers.

Here’s information on the voyages from the line:

Beginning Nov. 20, 2013, Seabourn Quest will sail on a series of four 21- to 24-day voyages between Valparaíso, (Santiago) Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina. They include days exploring the Chilean coast and fjords, Beagle Channel, Glacier Alley, the breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park, Cape Horn, the Falkland/Malvinas Islands, Montevideo and five days of cruising and landings on the Antarctic Continent in uncompromised Seabourn luxury. A 24-day Holiday version, departing Dec. 11, 2013, will include two days exploring the sub-Antarctic wildlife Eden of South Georgia Island, renowned for its beauty and its vast, teeming rookeries of king penguins and other seabirds, as well as breeding elephant and fur seals.

To find out more about Seabourn and their cruises, please click here.

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