Family Cruise Travel Planner, 2019 Edition

2019 Family Cruise Travel Planner

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Chapter XXI- Luxury Hotel Barges

The hotel barge became popular in the 1960s, and has now grown into a very large network of hundreds operating on the rivers and canals of France, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, and the UK. These luxury hotel barges vary greatly in size, configuration, scale, and quality of accommodations, and standard and amount of catering. The largest barges take twenty-four guests, the smallest just four.

All hotel barges have a high staff-to-guest ratio, but the smaller barges typically provide more personal attention and perhaps comfort. You can expect to get to know the other travelers well due to the intimate environment. These luxury hotel barges are wonderful for chartering and having your own private vacation.

These lines are well suited for:

  • Seasoned travelers.
  • Destination-oriented travelers.
  • Travelers who enjoy the finer things in life and are looking for a boutique type of experience with personal service aboard an intimate ship.
  • Travelers seeking an immersion in small towns and villages.