Scenic Christmas Markets Cruise: The Bottom Line


The cruise lived up to promise, exceeding it on many levels. Rooms were comfortable and beautifully maintained, the windowed balcony was perfect for chilly season cruising, the staff were exemplary. My only regret was that I could only do one week of a possible two week cruise.

SONY DSCWhen I read about the complete ‘all inclusive’ promise of the Scenic Cruise line, I have to admit that I was skeptical. Yet, at the end of the cruise, I had spent not a single cent beyond the initial cost of the cruise, and I had never gone without the things I wanted. Tea and sandwiches and cookies mid afternoon, champagne (French!) with breakfast, a martini before dinner, an after dinner late snack and aperitif – nothing was extra. That was the real bonus of this cruise.SONY DSC

The Christmas Markets were totally charming, providing lovely chances for shopping.  I felt that I was sharing the happiness of the season with each town we stopped in, and the Christmas spirit was catching. And the villages and markets were beautiful to see.

If you get the chance to experience a cruise on Scenic, and of the Christmas markets in Germany and Holland, don’t hesitate. You will appreciate Christmas on a whole new level.

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