Sailing on Celebrity Apex in the Caribbean (Day 2): Bimini

It’s day two of our cruise on Celebrity Apex, and we are docked in Bimini, Bahamas, a new port of call for this cruise line.

Unlike the hustle and bustle of Nassau, Bimini is a small sliver of land, lightly populated and totally laid back, surrounded by the most beautiful blue water you can imagine. We are signed up for a cruise around the island, with a meeting time of 10:15 am. There are about 15 of us going, and after some confusion about where to go, followed by delays of e-signing waiver forms individually, we are finally ready to board the boat almost an hour later.

Once underway, the mood improved quickly as Capt. Andrew cranked up the party music and passed around the rum punch as we traversed the crystal-clear, aquamarine waters around us. We make a stop at one of Bimini’s main claims to fame — the shipwreck of the S.S. Sapona. Done in by a hurricane in 1926, the former cargo ship’s skeletal remains have served as target practice for warplanes and now attract snorkelers and divers.

A little while later, Capt. Andrew dons his own snorkel gear and dives into the blue to hunt for conch shells. Bimini is famed for their conch delicacies, like fritters and cracked conch, and you can see thousands of the shells along the seawalls. In a short time, he resurfaces with two large conch shells for us to inspect. We just hope the conch inside stay put.

Back on shore, Pam wants to explore shopping options, so we get a taxi and head the short distance to downtown, where she finds a shirt for our granddaughter. The people here are super friendly, and very welcoming. Since it is only a ferry boat ride from South Florida, we’ll definitely plan to come back and stay longer.

Back onboard Apex, Pam heads for the Solarium to relax. Located on Deck 14, it has its own covered pool and lounge area, perfect for plugging in the headphones and chilling.

That afternoon, we head for the Magic Carpet to have a drink. The Magic Carpet is unique to Celebrity — essentially a dining/bar venue offset from the ship that moves “magically” up and down the side of the ship. It’s a signature attraction for “Edge”-class ships.

For dinner, we want to try one of the main dining rooms we missed the first time on Apex, Tuscan Restaurant. One of four main dining rooms, it looks and is more like a specialty restaurant than main dining. As the name implies, its menu has an Italian slant. We both order the Tuscan bean soup, which was outstanding. My entree, the lemon pepper chicken, was also flavorful and well prepared.

Later, we go the Martini Bar, located in the ship’s Grand Plaza atrium, where the bartenders dazzle guests nightly with their cocktail shaker juggling during the Grand Plaza Chandelier Show, a visual spectacle of flashing LED lights and music. And speaking of music, we get our dance groove on listening to the house band, Next Stage, which knows how to rock the hits.

The late show in Eden is “Night of Dreams,” where the ship’s entertainers turn the multi-story dining/bar area into a live theater production. Early arrival is recommended, and that’s because seating is limited and fills up quickly. The show is a modern spin on “Alice in Wonderland,” and features aerial artistry and gymnastics with some audience participation along the way. The costumes were amazing, as were the performers wearing them.

It’s been a full day, but tomorrow is not only a day at sea, but also we gain an hour, so we’ll have extra time to rest and recharge. Time to turn in.

PHOTOS courtesy Gerry & Pam Barker

Conch shells retrieved by the boat captain

The azure waters of Bimini (Cover)

The wreck of the S.S. Sapona

The Tuscan Restaurant, one of the main dining rooms

“Night of Dreams” performance in Eden

Pam dockside by Celebrity Apex in Bimini

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