Rotating servers a first on Disney Cruise Line

Disney server Simoun Olba removes lobster from its shell for my grandson Logan.
Disney server Simoun Olba removes lobster from its shell for my grandson Logan.

My grandson Logan did a double take when we walked into Parrot Cay for dinner the first night of our Disney Magic cruise and a server called him by name. How did anyone know Logan’s name? We sure weren’t wearing nametags.

The mystery was solved when Simoun Olba introduced himself as our server for the entire cruise. When he saw us walking toward Table 67, I guess Simoun had no trouble figuring out who was Logan since the other three of us at that table were women.

But a few days later, I was surprised myself. Looking over the dinner menu, I was about ready to order when Simoun said he bet he knew what I would be choosing.

Oysters Rockefeller for appetizer? Correct. Lobster entrée? Right again.

So how did Simoun know what my dining choices would be? Because on Disney Cruise Line the same server goes with the passenger for the entire cruise. Although we may dine in the ship’s three main dining room on different nights, we always have the same servers. And these servers are experts at paying attention and knowing what their diners like. Plus I almost always go with seafood.

After that first day, our assistant server Eduar Centeno Suazo always had a Coke by my plate soon after I sat down for lunch. For dinner, it would be Sprite instead of Coke. No caffeine after lunch for me. He also knew the drink preferences of the rest of my group.

“We are the first to have rotating servers who move along with our guests,” says Hotel Director Thomas Praxmarer. “We are very proud of that because we think it lets our servers and guests get to know each other so we can take better care of our guests.”

As a cruiser for over three decades, I have noticed that serving sizes have gotten smaller – thank goodness. I always felt guilty leaving food on my plate on those early cruises and I sure didn’t need to eat everything that I was served.  Thomas confirmed that change.

“In 2006, we noticed that we served too much so we kind of scaled it down,” Thomas says. “We’ve gotten good comments about that.”

I agree. With all the dining options and delicious cuisine on Disney Cruise Line, it’s great to be able to eat a little here and there. And always save room for luscious desserts.

 By Jackie Sheckler Finch

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