Regal Princess Cruise – My stateroom has all that’s needed for a great cruise

(My Regal Princess stateroom is simple and comfortable.)

ABOARD THE REGAL PRINCESS – I would gladly swap a big screen TV for a small fridge any time in my shipboard cabin. On the Regal Princess, I have both. And I have a wonderful private balcony. Perfect place for me.

A whopping 1,438 cabins on the Regal Princess have balconies. That is 81 percent of the ship’s total 1,780 cabins which should make many passengers happy. I have never cruised on an ocean ship without a balcony outside my cabin and certainly hope I never have to. Being able to sit on my own private balcony late at night or early in the morning is one of the prime pleasures of cruising, in my opinion.

The Regal Princess also has 342 interior cabins, plus some suites and mini suites and 38 wheelchair accessible cabins. I didn’t see any of those but I can tell you about my stateroom. It is  No. 534 on Deck 12 also known as Aloha Deck.

The bathroom offers a walk-in shower, plus wall dispensers for shower gel and a shampoo/conditioner combo.

Staterooms are unlocked with the standard room “key” that looks like a credit card. In fact, the key is a credit card to charge anything onboard the ship. No need to carry cash around. Just pull out the key card and charge. I have noticed many passengers wearing their key cards around their necks on lanyards. I have to always carry my strapped purse which contains my cameras and notebook so I just slip the keycard in there.

Entering the cabin, the key card goes into a slot by the door. That turns on the lights in the cabin which saves on electricity when no one is in the cabin to use those lights. The slot is also a secure place to put your card when you enter the cabin and pick it up when you leave. Almost every cruise I’ve been on, some passenger on the first day is flagging down a room attendant saying they can’t turn on the lights in their room. All it takes is once to learn.

My stateroom is decorated in neutral shades of cream, green and brown with dark wood and a green-patterned carpet that looks like honeycombs to me. On the wall opposite the bed is a big flat-screen TV with remote control. In-room movies and TV shows on-demand are free. Ship shows also are shown, including updates from the cruise director and information about various ports we will be visiting on our cruise.

I have a queen-size bed since I am a solo traveler. But the bed could be split to make two twin beds. The room also has two bedside stands with lamps, a fair-sized desk with a mirror and a chair, another armchair and round table, and a small refrigerator inside a cabinet which also serves as a counter with three shelves on the side.

Between the end tables, desk and counter, my room has plenty of drawers. In addition, there is hanging space, hangers and more shelves in an open closet. A closed closet with shelves also has a safe. The desk has a ship-wide telephone and a stationary hair dryer in the top right drawer. I heard someone also asking the room attendant for a hair dryer because they must not have opened all the drawers to discover the hidden hair dryer which they probably thought would be in the bathroom. I don’t use a hair dryer so I don’t know how good it was.

My private balcony is going to be one of my favorite spots.

Complimentary white robes are available for use while on the cruise. If one isn’t in your cabin, just ask the room attendant for one. The bathroom was small but big enough for me with a vanity, commode and shower. Shelves above the vanity offer even more storage space.

The walk-in shower has a shower curtain and wall dispensers with Lotus Spa shower gel and a shampoo/conditioner combo. I prefer a to use a shampoo and then a conditioner so would bring my own next time. The vanity has a bar of soap and a tube of hand lotion.

Bedcovers are white European-style duvets and linens topped with posh fluffy pillows. The cabin attendant comes in every night while I am at dinner, turns down the bed, leaves two chocolates on the pillow and removes the two green cushions and strip of green material at the bottom of the bed. She also leaves the next day’s Princess Patter newsletter on my bed or sometimes in the mail slot outside my door.

As for that beautiful balcony, it has blocking screens on both sides for privacy, two reclining  chairs and a small table. The lower half of the balcony is Plexiglas so the ocean view is not obstructed. Large sliding glass doors lead outside to my balcony so I can see the ocean rolling even when I am in bed – if I leave the curtains open.

That’s it. I’m quite comfortable here. To go with this blog, I also made a short video of the ocean scene from my balcony. You can hear the waves crashing and the wind roaring as an evening storm rolls in.  Such ocean grandeur never fails to stir my soul.

Photos and video by Jackie Sheckler Finch

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