Queen Victoria – Sailing Between Bermuda and Port Canaveral

DAY 12 ONBOARD QUEEN VICTORIA_(Sunday, January 19): Sunday is our last sea day, sailing between Bermuda and Port Canaveral. The seas are calm. We had breakfast delivered at 7:00 AM, as usual. In case you wonder how much we are eating, before turning in the previous night, we hang a paper order form on the door. We typically ask for juice, croissants and coffee. This is supplemented by pain au chocolat and whole wheat toast.

After dressing, we headed to the Britannia dining room. Our “second breakfast” is usually sensible stuff like yoghurt, fruit and a cereal with some fiber.

Sunday is a sea day with lots going on. I started with the 10:00 AM interfaith church service. This draws a crowd. I think some people kept their seats at 10:30 because the Kate Adie (the BBC correspondent) lecture (Q&A) immediately followed in the Royal Court Theater. There was a line for seats half an hour early.

10:30 was the start of the ship’s galley tour. 12,000 meals are served each day. You can see how they get it done. We’ve taken similar tours before.

At 11:00, we headed up to the Yacht Club on Deck ten for the gem and jewelry auction. It was lightly attended, probably because so many people were listening to Kate Adie in the Royal Court Theater,

We brought a bottle of wine we picked up in Bermuda when we headed into lunch in the Britannia restaurant. This meant we missed the 1:00 PM ice carving demonstration and the reading of a new play with the playwright in one of the meeting rooms.

Lots goes on that you don’t see. At 3:00 PM the passenger choral group sang in the grand lobby. This group of 70+ passengers has been practicing every sea day. They were dressed in black and white evening formal wear. The grand lobby was packed with spectators spread across three stories. They sang a selection of show tunes and popular music. They were good! The concert took place at the same time as the Introduction to Face Book class.

At 4:00 we headed up to the Lido restaurant for afternoon tea. Then it was back to the cabin to make progress in reading our murder mysteries. This took us to 6:00, when Jane reminded me I wanted to get to the gym. I headed up. It was pretty empty, which made it easy to get my workout done. Afterwards, I headed into the spa and tried out those nifty heated tile chaise lounges again.

The noble choice of a gym visit meant we missed out on the guest talent show at 5:00 PM. Lots of choice for activities today.

We had drinks in the cabin before cruising the shops before dinner. I bought the obligatory polo shirt with the logo of the 2020 exotic cruise. Bought a larger belt. Can’t think why.

Our table mates had other plans for dinner, so it was just us at a table for six. We invited the couple sitting behind us, who were the only folks at another table for six. They are Dutch, two of the 14 people from Holland. We had a good time talking about their travels in the US and we talked about favorite ports around the world.

No dancing or live show for us tonight. It was back to the cabin for bed. It’s the last time we set the clocks back an hour and get that extra 60 minutes of sleep.

It was another good day.

Cover Photo: Queen Victoria passenger choral group, credit Bryce Sanders

Editor’s Note:

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