Queen Victoria, Day 7

ONBOARD QUEEN VICTORIA_(Tuesday, January 14): It’s been eight days since we flew from Philadelphia and six days since we sailed from Hamburg.

By now you are likely finding our writeups boring. Do we do the same stuff over and over, day after day while the ship is at sea? Good question.

The Queen Victoria is a little city that travels about 25 miles an hour, 24 hours a day. It’s like living in a walkable town. You decide if you want to eat at home, which means using room service. Do you want casual dining? You head up to the Lido buffet. Do you feel like Italian on Chinese tonight? You pick a specialty restaurant. Best of all, your default choice is the Britannia Restaurant, the main dining room. It’s a linen tablecloth setting where a waiter unfolds your napkin and places it on your lap.

During the day, you decide if you want to see a movie, “Go back to school” and attend a lecture, try an art class or play cards. Be waited on during afternoon tea. Get an ice cream or pizza at the Lido buffet. There are a few dozen choices.

Everyone is new in town. How do you make friends? The singles groups, pub trivia games and service clubs meetings get likeminded people together.

I’ve been wondering why the future voyage booking office is always busy. Doesn’t everyone do this online? It turns out about 1,100 of the 1,800+ passengers are on for the full 75 nights. It’s not a bucket list item! They all seem to have done the world cruise or South America voyage multiple times. Their enthusiasm wins you over. The booking office is also busy because past cruisers have favorite cabins. They will book the 2022 voyage now to get their favorite.

OK, so what did we do on Tuesday? We had our second breakfast in the Britannia dining room. Sat with a delightful couple from Baltimore. They worked in real estate and told great stories. They were selling an inherited house. After it had its home inspection, they got a call. “The bad news is the house is infested with termites. The good news is the radon gas is killing them.”

Went to another morning lecture on the special relationship between the US and UK. This led into lunch at the Verandah Restaurant, a steakhouse. We had a nice, leisurely lunch, but needed to be elsewhere at 2:00 for a wine tasting. Both lunch and the wine tasting are perks for frequent sailors at the diamond level. The four wines were all from Chile. You walked from station to station.

During the afternoon we read and rested. Late afternoon, I tried out the Mareel spa. The hydro pool was pretty good, but I really liked the tiled chaise lounges that were heated from underneath.

At 7:45 the World Club cocktail party took place. It’s another perk for repeat guests. They give out awards for passengers with the most cumulative nights sailed. We met a delightful couple, British people who live in Gibraltar. They turned out to be the top sailors, with a thousand plus nights on voyages over the years.

Our 8:30 dinner was pretty good. The major menu choice was filet of beef. Pistachio soufflé for dessert.

Yes, we should be staying up later, but finishing dinner around 10:00 or 10:30 leaves us tuckered out.

As you can tell, it was another good day.

Cover photo: Jane and Bryce, Queen Victoria dining

Editor’s Note:

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