Queen Victoria, Day 6

ONBOARD QUEEN VICTORIA_(Monday, January 13): On Monday, the seas acted up again.

Monday is another sea day. It starts with the usual good night’s sleep followed by the 7:00 AM knock on the door with rolls, juice and coffee. The seas are a little rough. Not enough to cause stomach upset, but we have moments where a wall of water hits our window. We are on Deck One, after all.

The voyage is similar to an accelerated version of spring. Since we are sailing towards Bermuda and Florida, the weather gets warmer each day. Today the outside decks are open, although it’s still too cold to pull out the deck chairs.

We head up to breakfast in the Lido Restaurant on Deck Nine. This led into watching Sunday’s lecture by the BBC journalist Kate Adie, rebroadcast on the cabin TV. She was quite good.

She mentioned she is often asked by students what qualities or skills you need if you are going into a conflict zone. Her answer was “Manners.”  She told the story about a journalist who was stopped at an armed checkpoint in Africa. He greeted the armed soldier in French and extended an arm to shake hands. She explained: “it’s much tougher to shoot someone if you just shook hands with them.”

She told the story of a group of journalists who were flying point to point in a distant country. After six journalists boarded, the boarding stopped. She asked “Why did you stop? There’s plenty of room.”  They answered: “We only have six parachutes.”

Afterwards, I went off to the morning trivia quiz in the Golden Lion pub. It draws a big crowd. It’s is a great way to meet people and make friends. No one knows everything and everyone knows something.

We also had lunch on the Lido Deck. We are deep into our novels. We found comfy chairs in the Winter Garden, a lounge with a huge tree, greenery and a retractable roof. It’s like a greenhouse. It’s adjacent to the restaurant.

In the afternoon we checked out the spa near the gym. This comes with an added cost, but it’s s dedicated indoor space with a large hydrotherapy pool and loungers in one area and steam room, sauna and tiled loungers in another. Massages and other treatments are available at additional charge. The hydrotherapy pool looks like fun.

We had tea and sandwiches at 4:00, then more novel reading. About 6:00 I headed up to the gym. I checked out the schedule for spin classes. They charge $ 11.00 per session, about what the gym back home would charge for a day pass.

After the gym, we changed for dinner and had drinks in our cabin, while watching TV. They have a selection of movie channels, including ones showing the same film in Japanese, French, Spanish and German. There are several news channels including the BBC, CNBC, Fox and others.

We headed to dinner in the Britannia restaurant. There are more empty seats than we expected. It might be the rougher seas, since our table is at the very rear of the dining room, looking out an enormous window. There may be many people choosing more informal dining in the Lido Restaurant. We ordered a nice bottle of wine, Chateau Musar from Lebanon. It’s extremely hard to find in the US.

We skipped the evening show and headed to bed. It was another good day.

Editor’s Note:

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