Queen Victoria, Day 4 – First Sea Day!

ONBOARD QUEEN VICTORIA_(Friday, January 10): The day started with rougher seas. The Beaufort Scale, which measures sea conditions, was Force 8. The scale goes up to 12. At Jane’s suggestion, I went to the onboard medical center to “Get the tablets.” This was a good move. They really work, although I napped more than usual.

I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled we chose a cabin on Deck One, Midships. That’s where the ship’s motion is minimized.

Midmorning, we headed to the port lecture about Bermuda.

Queen Victoria Royal Court Theater, credit Bryce Sanders

The Royal Court Theater was pretty packed. We didn’t see any seats we could easily reach. We decided to watch the program on TV later on during the day.

We had lunch in the Britannia dining room where we met another British couple onboard for the full 75 days. We have learned among the 2,000 people aboard, about 1,100 are on for all or most of the entire voyage around South America.

Earlier, I mentioned many of the passengers here for the duration know each other from previous voyages. Today I learned they have a Face Book group tied to this voyage to keep in touch during the trip.

I was curious how much clothing do you need for a 75-night voyage? I assumed it’s the same amount you bring for a 14-night voyage because you wear the same clothing multiple times. The ship has dry cleaning services and free washer/dryers. In this case I learned with 20 formal nights, this passenger brought 18 evening gowns.

During the afternoon we walked past the Queens Room, where a classical music concert was taking place. There was a really good opera singer who explained the plot of the opera, then sang beautifully. I wasn’t previously a fan of opera, but I now understand why people find it compelling.

In the early evening, we went to the Chart Room, one of the cocktail lounges on Deck Two. We had gin and tonics, although I find some of the names they give other drinks fascinating. One of the choices is the “Dickens martini” – no olive or twist!

We had another great evening with our dinner table companions. Weather came into the conversation for obvious reasons. They told a story of a previous trip when, during a storm, the Queen Victoria slowed to four knots, the same speed as an oil tanker passengers could see nearby. The reason was that the storm was so severe the captain of the tanker was concerned for the safety of his crew. The ships stayed close in case the tanker’s crew needed rescuing. It’s nice to know how people at sea go out of their way to help others.

Talk at dinner also got into how Americans and the British celebrate Christmas dinner and the traditions involved.

Regarding dinner, in case you are interested, Jane started with the mission fig and prosciutto appetizer. I went for Caesar salad. I could smell the aromas as it was placed in front of me. Jane had suckling pig with crackling, I went for the beef. Jane chose ice cream for dessert. I went for the cheesecake.

What else did we talk about? The concept of cabin parties fascinates me. Among the long-term passengers, it seems many take turns hosting a party on their evening. The folks at our table explained how they fit 50 people into their cabin one evening! Since these cabins are pretty standardized in size, that must have been a great feat! Apparently the party spilled out into the corridor. I wonder how many people fit into the shower!

The evening show started at 10:30. It featured a comedian who bonded with the audience by finding where people came from. The humor was very soft. I’m thrilled I was able to stay up this late. All that earlier nap time must have helped.

Tonight was another “set your clocks back an hour” nights. Another 25-hour day!

Weather notwithstanding, it was another good day.

Cover photo: Queen Victoria dining room, credit Bryce Sanders

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