PTV at Sea’s 16-Night Cruise from Beijing to Bangkok

If you’re a fan of NPR, politics, culture, personal finance, health and wellness… I’ve got the cruise for you.   Here’s your opportunity to meet and interact with top NPR personalities and their featured guests at panel discussions and presentations… and at private dinners and cocktail receptions, which  allow for one-to-one conversations with today’s brightest minds.

PTV at Sea’s unrivalled adventure will sail March 16, 2013, and travel to ports in China, Vietnam and Thailand, allowing passengers exclusive access to some of the country’s most enthralling people – those with their fingers on the pulse of politics, history, current events, finance and the arts.

The insight and experience of these special guests are unparalleled and not available anywhere else in the world. Public Radio at Sea – and its celebration of NPR – is, quite simply, a journey unlike any other.

Esteemed guests include…

  • Michele Norris, Host of NPR’s All Things Considered
  • David Greene, Host and Correspondent for NPR’s morning programming
  • Frank Langfitt, NPR’s Shanghai Correspondent
  • Louisa Lim, Foreign Correspondent for NPR, based in Beijing, China
  • Anthony Kuhn, Foreign Correspondent for NPR, based in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Madhulika Sikka, Executive Producer of NPR’s Morning Edition
  • Chris Turpin, Executive Producer of NPR’s All Things Considered

For more information about this exclusive PTV at Sea event, contact Crown Cruise Vacations at 855-788-7880 (USA/Canada) or by emailing

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