Pelorus Yachting Trearsure Hunt ~ Is This The Ultimate Christmas Cruise?

Neiman Marcus thinks so. They’ve included this exceptional Indonesian adventure in their annual list of 8 over-the-top Fantasy Gifts 2023. This wish book is eagerly awaited for its feast of unforgettable pleasures. Pelorus’ 9-Day Adventure through the Indonesian Islands surely qualifies. 10 incredibly fortunate guests will experience hiking through jungles, exploring caves and waterfalls, scuba and snorkeling in crystal clear waters, and being immersed in local traditions. Returning to their 134-foot yacht, they will be wined and dined, enjoy spa treatments and then retreat to the sheer luxury of 5 superb suites aboard ship. Oh, and about that treasure hunt. At a private candlelit dinner in a secluded cove, guests will receive a message in a bottle signaling the start of the Treasure Hunt. In search of treasure, the next days will reveal a series of clues as guests sail through some of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands. With final clue in hand, the hunt ends with the ultimate reward: A $150,000 voucher to fill a treasure chest with exquisite Neiman Marcus jewelry. Capping off the treasure hunt will be a fabulous farewell beach party under the stars. The cost for all this magic? $485,000 US.


Handcrafted SAMATA is a perfect blend of traditional Indonesian sailing vessels with contemporary European design. It is a Phinisi yacht characterized by its distinctive design, with two or more masts, and a unique sail plan. SAMATA comes by its Phinisi credentials honestly. The name “Phinisi” comes from South Sulawesi, Indonesia, where SAMATA was built in 2006 and whose people are renowned for their boat-building skills. SAMATA was constructed completely by hand using local hardwoods and construction techniques passed down for generations.

Outdoor Dining On Deck

SAMATA translated into English means Harmony and Tranquility which is apparent the minute you board the yacht. SAMATA boasts 3 decks, including a sun deck, diving deck and private deck attached to a spacious Primary Suite. Its interiors are French designed with a European flair. This, combined with Indonesian craftsmanship, gives the ship an understated, inviting combination of plush furnishings and rich hardwoods. Stepping outside onto the main deck, dining tables convert to outdoor daybeds, sun loungers and side tables for every possible occasion. Most astonishing is that SAMATA’s crew outnumbers its passenger count. 14 people take care of everything from gourmet dining to watersports to the luxury linens found in every stateroom.


Founded by two British Army Captains, Geordie Mackay-Lewis & Jimmy Carroll, Pelorus sees yachting as a platform for creating extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These pioneers of bespoke adventures are themselves veterans of incredible adventures. When we met tall, blond and handsome Jimmy Carroll, his tales of his own travels simply took our breaths away. He has rowed across the Atlantic, narrowly missing being speared by a giant marlin who mistook his boat for a giant tuna piercing its hull and barely missing him in the process. His idea of a break from fighting for the British Army in Afghanistan was to fly to Panama to visit the notorious Darien Gap before hiking through Colombia to Venezuela. Adventure is in these men’s DNA. Now their mission is to design and create unique experiences all over the world.

And with this Yachting Treasure Hunt they surely have succeeded.

Photos courtesy Pelorus

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