Our Insatiable Desire to Travel

What can cruise  travel lovers do when they are on land?

Travel through food. Our big revelation started with a conversation. We love Barcelona. Lots of reasons, but tapas, wine and music are three components. While cleaning we discovered a tapas menu from a previous trip. We bought Iberico ham, manchego cheese, shrimp for grilling, Rioja wine and other supplies. We setup small plates, poured our wine and put on the music. Barcelona arrived, without the nine-hour flight and long wait at the Immigration counter.

People watching in Paris. My wife liked the first example when we did it, but remarked she missed the people watching. Some readers will be into coffee, not wine or beer. What to do. Surprisingly, YouTube comes to the rescue. Searching various versions of “People watching” you can find video someone shot sitting inside a Paris café people watching, you can find another video of someone, as a pedestrian filming people sitting in Paris cafes as they people watch. You can find a narrated walk as someone explains people watching as they walk through Paris. For my wife, there’s a video of people watching in Barcelona.

Cleaning out the travel literature. If you are like us, you have file folders filled with maps and menus brought back from your travels. You have at least one shelf of travel books. You have old air tickets. Receipts from purchases made abroad.  There’s never time to organize this stuff. Now you have the time. Faced with no immediate travel plans, you can be more realistic about what you might or might not need in the future. Out went the receipts. Out went the itineraries I typed up. We kept the menus, of course. That’s how I found the tapas menu. Next project: Disposing of travel guides that are 10+ years old.

Message your travel friends. We make friends everywhere we go. We try, anyway. We have a Hotmail folder titled “Cunard friends” filled with e-mails from people we met on cruises. This is the time to get in touch find out how they are coping with the pandemic. Are the restrictions different there? That’s how I learned beekeeping is an essential service in Slovenia. In England, friends bringing a picnic to the beach were told they could eat their sandwiches, but only if they kept walking while doing it.

Open those liqueurs you brought back. Maybe a travelling friend gifted them to you. The bottle of clear liquid with Cyrillic writing and a chili on the label. The interesting tequila you bought in Mexico. Get out the glasses with your spouse or partner. Open the bottle. Recall where you were and what you were doing when you acquired it.

We will travel again. Restrictions will ease. You can’t sit waiting for things to happen. You need to have fun in the meantime.

Cover Photo: Cooking Ceviche ©Dennis Cox/WorldViews

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