Now Is The Time For Your Luxury Hotel Getaway

We aren’t sailing anywhere yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t be getting away. Sure, you can fly domestically, but how about trying an even crazier idea? Spend a klong weekend at a luxury hotel in the big city near you.

Here’s the logic: The city might be empty. New York City is running TV ads to increase domestic tourism. The grand hotel you’ve always wanted to visit is likely offering cheap rates because of the fall in business travel. If they aren’t, one of their other competitors in that city’s top five hotels should have a great deal.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Your hotel. Book three nights at that super luxury hotel in town. Prices should be good. If not, use your hotel points. (Cost: Medium)
  2. Take the train. If you were in Europe, you wouldn’t have a car in central London or Paris! You would take the train from the airport. Park in the commuter lot and take regional rail into the city center. The train will likely be empty. (Cost: Low)
  3. Check into your hotel. They should be thrilled to see you. You might even get a room upgrade, especially if you have status in their rewards program. (Cost: Medium)
  4. See the sights. Few people have been tourists in their own town. Try scheduling one or two tourist sites like the local museum or the tallest building. From the latter, you might be able to see your town or the pier you would pick up your ship, if this is your home port. (Cost: Low)
  5. Enjoy at least one great dinner. There are restaurants you’ve always wanted to try. Either you couldn’t get reservations or they are too expensive. The first isn’t a problem, unfortunately they will still be pricy. Do it anyway to get the experience. (Cost: High)
  6. Find a nice outdoor café for lunch. Plan on people watching. OK, maybe there aren’t that many people. Sit in the run and enjoy the experience. (Cost: Medium)
  7. Walk the city. My wife and I have a routine. Walk a bit. Stop for a coffee. Walk a bit more. Stop for ice cream. Walk again. Stop for a glass of wine. Repeat the process. (Cost: Low)
  8. Enjoy the hotel. They should have a spa. Schedule massages. Enjoy the rooftop pool. Visit the gym. Knowledge of the amenities will enhance your Trip Advisor review. (Cost: Low to Medium)
  9. Visit a club at night. It’s unlikely dance clubs will be open. You probably would consider that too risky. Maybe there’s a jazz club near the hotel. Stop in for a cocktail after dinner. Enjoy the music, then head back. (Cost: Medium)
  10. Picnic in the park. Buy supplies. This can be prepared sandwiches. Enjoy lunch in the park one day. Maybe there’s a horse drawn carriage ride in your future. (Cost: Low, except that carriage ride.)
  11. Visit the famous department store: You know the one. It’s likely empty of people except staff. They will be thrilled to see you. Just explore. You don’t need to buy anything. (Cost: Low)
  12. Plan a side trip. If you visited Lisbon or Barcelona, you would consider taking the short train trip to a nearby beach town. Plan a similar outing. Plan to have lunch there. (Cost: Low to Medium)

You will likely see your city as never before. You will do the same things you would in a large European city. It will help satisfy your urge to travel.

Cover photo: NYC Central Park

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