Single-Parent Families Get A (Price) Break

This is good news for the many single-parent families who love to travel…Norwegian Cruise Line has revised its rates for a single adult traveling with children this summer. This new pricing is currently available for all voyages on the Epic departing Barcelona between July and September 2011.

Until now, these one-parent families had to pay one adult fare, plus an additional full fare for the first child in the stateroom.  Now, the first child will travel at up to half of the adult cruise fare, and third and fourth children will travel at lower “children’s” rates.

NCL also reports that due to the new pricing structure, these families can actually book two staterooms rather than a four-berth family stateroom…providing them more elbow room and the use of two bathrooms…always helpful when traveling with kids!

This is a great step to help out solo adults (and their families). It’s not the first of its kind by the line, however- NCL has previously recognized adults who travel without a partner by offering solo traveler staterooms on the Epic.

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