MSC Seashore: Interesting Tidbits on New Ship

Standing in front of an MSC Seashore elevator, I counted the numbers twice. I was not going to deck 17 but was curious as to why no number 17 was listed.

I checked on another nearby elevator. Same thing. No deck 17.

A passing crew member explained that mystery to me.

In Italy, he said, the number 17 is an unlucky number. Like the number 13 in the United States is thought to bring bad luck.

That belief probably dates back to ancient Roman times. In Roman numerals, 17 is XVII. An anagram for XVII is VIXI. In Latin, vixi means “I have lived.” The implication, therefore, is that “Now I am dead.”

In Italy, it is rare to find very tall buildings. But if you do, you might notice that the elevator goes straight from the 16th to the 18th floor. And if you happen to fly on an Italian airline, keep an eye out for row 17. Often not there.

So no deck 17 on the new MSC Seashore.

Founded in Italy in 1989, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. So, although the Seashore was built to attract American cruisers, the ship still has some Italian and European touches.

As for those elevators, the technology also is different which is surprising to some passengers on first use. The elevators are digital. Each elevator bay is outfitted with electronic keypads.

You use the elevator touchscreen outside the elevator to select the deck number you want. Then you are assigned to a particular letter elevator. When that elevator car arrives, that’s the one that lights up so you know to board.

There are no buttons to push once you are inside the elevator. That means you can’t change your mind about where you want to go after you’ve entered the car. Might as well just enjoy the ride until you can get off the elevator at a stop and touch in the deck you really want.

Along with those elevators, I’ve discovered some other interesting aspects of the MSC Seashore. I might find even more before the cruise is over but wanted to share these with you.

Snow in the Caribbean

After a hot walk back to the ship in the bright Cozumel midday sun, I was looking forward to cooling off in the snow aboard MSC Seashore. Snow on a cruise ship? In the Caribbean? Yep, the ship’s Aurea Spa offers a salt room, sensory steam room, heated tile loungers and a snow room.

The snow is part of a hot-cold therapy said to have health benefits. It’s not a new phenomenon. Roman bathing was based on the practice of moving through heated rooms then plunging into cold water at the end.

The practice is said to exercise your blood vessels, nourish your skin and get blood flowing better throughout the body. I was the only one sitting in the snow room so it was quite peaceful and pleasant.

Seashore’s Aurea Spa and adjacent fitness center have more than 25,000 square feet with 21 treatment rooms, barber shop, hair and nail salon, thalassotherapy pool, changing rooms and outdoor area with sun loungers and hot tubs.

The fitness center is one of the largest I’ve ever seen on a ship. It is outfitted with Technogym equipment including circuit training equipment, cardio machines, weight machines, medicine balls and more.

Bridge of Sighs

Taking a deep breath, I slowly strolled across the “Bridge of Sighs.” I’m not one for heights, so I certainly did breathe a big sigh of relief when I reached the other side.

Projecting out of MSC Seashore on deck 16, the glass-floored Bridge of Sighs is 72 feet above the Infinity Pool on deck eight. With the sea breeze wafting around you, it feels like walking on air.

I was told that a young man got down on his knees and proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the Bridge of Sighs. Sure hope she quickly said yes, maybe just so they could finish crossing that amazingly high structure.

Selfie Spots

The master architects and interior designers who created the new MSC Seashore are certainly a smart bunch. I have seen more selfies taken on this ship which has places that seem meant for selfies and videos.

One of the most popular photo spots is on deck 7, a passageway that looks like an outer space tunnel. Adorned with chrome and mirrors, the tunnel changes colors. Every time I’ve been there, someone was taking photos or videos. As you can see in my photo, a group with cellphones was taking photos of themselves in the psychedelic tunnel.

I got tired of waiting for the tunnel to be empty for my photo so I took it anyway.

Not far from the tunnel is another selfie spot. It looks like a hot-air balloon with a huge LED screen behind it that changes to show famous sites, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Passengers can climb in the balloon basket and it appears they are actually floating over those beautiful sites.

I’ve also seen a cute little photo opp in the children’s pool area. Titled “Lego Friends,” the life-size characters at the bench are made of Legos. MSC Cruises and Lego have teamed up for play areas and activities for kids aboard the ship. I’ve seen both adults and children sitting on that bench for cellphone photos.

I have no idea how many selfies from our cruise are still making their way around cyberspace posted by happy MSC Seashore passengers. Free publicity. As I said, some smart ship designers.

Thanks MSC Cruises and All Things Cruise for the wonderful adventure.

Photos by Jackie Sheckler Finch

  • The psychedelic tunnel (cover photo)
  • The hot air balloon photo opp.
  • Snow room in the spa has benches to sit and enjoy the winter feeling.
  • Bridge of Sighs projects out of the ship.
  • A glass floor allows passengers to see deep below the Bridge of Sighs.
  • The Lego photo spot.
  • No deck 17 on elevator touchscreen pad outside of elevator. Number 11 is not shown because I am on deck 11.

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