MSC Seashore: Entertainment Galore on New Cruise Ship

Look carefully at my photo of four shirtless guys doing an acrobatic move. Sure appears to be two men reflected in a mirror, doesn’t it?

But it isn’t. It is four men. Two holding the ladder and two extending their bodies from the ladder.

Quite a talented group. Their movements are so carefully synchronized that they look mirrored.

I was there for the show so I watched the four identically-clad men walk out carrying the ladder.

The acrobatic crew was part of a terrific show on MSC Seashore titled Gravity.

But Gravity offers even more than acrobats. It has singers and dancers, plus great stage sets, excellent makeup and colorful costumes. The ship’s two-deck, 1,200-seat Madison Theatre has wonderful views from comfy seats.

On our cruise, four performances will be offered – Gravity, Paris!, That’s Amore, Mystic Forest, Coast to Coast and Trailblazers. All are entertaining with talented performers and musicians. Each night, the theatre offers three performances giving passengers a chance for a leisurely dinner before heading to the theatre.

Here is a brief description of each show:

Gravity – The plot is set on another planet where the ability to have amazing balance and acrobatic skills are essential. It is quite a visual spectacle.

Paris – One of the world’s most famous artist centers, this Paris-themed show is packed with acrobatics, street theatre, a French mime, singing, dancing and a Can-Can finale.

That’s Amore – Set in the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean, the show features the culture, dance and music of stunning locations that share this much-loved area of the world. Italian songs are featured, of course.

Mystic Forest – Invites the audience to enter a magical forest and discover fanciful characters, spirits and enchanted moments on a classic journey of Good vs Evil told through beautiful songs.

Coast to Coast – Show is a tribute to America with songs and routines born in the USA.

Trailblazers – A celebration of woman power. Iconic songs and routines pay tribute to some of the world’s most famous performers.

But that is not all the entertainment on MSC Seashore. Look at some of the other choices. Dueling pianos in Times Square. Cruise staff variety show. Karaoke presented by passengers. Late night DJ dance parties with themes like Flower Glory Night, Silent Space Party, White Night, Gatsby Party, Glow Party and Tropical After Party.

Then there’s Le Cabaret Rouge which is like a small French nightclub on Deck 7. It is quite enjoyable to sit that close to the performers and feel as though I am in Paris at a popular club.

Performances in Le Cabaret Rouge follow an art theme – Monet’s Soiree, The Contemporary Collection, Picasso’s Night Club, A Paris Spectacular with Toulouse-Lautrec and A Starry Starry Night with Van Gogh.

I would grade the entertainment aboard MSC Seashore as excellent. Not a single show that I didn’t enjoy. If I had a chance, I would see them all again. That is the ultimate compliment.

Thanks MSC Cruises and All Things Cruise for the wonderful adventure.

Photos by Jackie Sheckler Finch

  • Gravity
  • Gravity
  • Mystic Forest
  • Mystic Forest
  • Gravity
  • Paris
  • Le Cabaret Rouge

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