MSC Seashore: Comfy Cabin Features Innovative Touches        

When my daughter Kelly asked what I like about my cabin on the new MSC Seashore, I heard her discreetly giggle at my answer.

Of course, I love the balcony with the two chairs and table. I’m sure I will spend much time out there watching the ocean roll.

The queen-size bed is quite comfy and placed next to balcony doors so I can better view the ocean when I fall asleep at night and awaken in the morning. Heavy drapes also are available to block out sunlight if desired.

Cabin has plenty of storage space. Mini-fridge actually keeps drinks cold. Big flat-screen TV. Nice sofa with coffee table. Small bathroom with glass-doored shower which I like.

But it is the built-in hand soap dispenser in the bathroom that caught my attention. What a great idea, I told Kelly.

I don’t use bar soap at home and think it is wasteful to have it on cruise ships. Bar soap always seems to get mushy and makes a mess no matter how often the soap dish is cleaned.

I was happy when cruise ship showers went with toiletry dispensers. One for shower soap. One for shampoo. And one for conditioner.

But this was the first time I’ve seen a built-in hand soap dispenser on a bathroom sink on a cruise ship. I took a photo of it so you can see what I mean.

More Hi-Tech Gadgets

However, this is only one of the unusual aspects of my cabin No. 11088 aboard the MSC Seashore. Launched in July 2021 before moving to its homeport of PortMiami in November 2021, the new ship has other tech innovations in my cabin.

A built-in Hamlet wireless charger on the dresser can be used with compatible devices. Other passengers say it is quite useful but I usually just charge my cellphone next to my bed. The cabin has plenty of outlets and USB ports.

Another device near the door takes the place of those “Do Not Disturb” signs that could be hung outside the cabin door. Instead, this push button instrument lets me push a button that powers a “Do Not Disturb” alert. The other button creates a “Make Up Room” signal for the cabin attendant.

My cabin has a slot next to the door to place my cruise card to turn on electricity in the cabin. However, be aware that Seashore cabins are designed so you can’t turn on the lights without inserting your keycard into a slot by the door. That’s nothing new. Many cruise ships have those.

But the trick commonly used on other ships won’t work on the MSC Seashore. You cannot game the system by inserting another card such as a credit card or driver’s license inside the slot. Some travelers carry old plastic cards just for that purpose.

But on the MSC Seashore, no keycard in the slot means no electricity in the cabin. So passengers who think they are charging devices when they are out of their cabins may be in for a surprise. Having to put your keycard in that slot does make it easy to find when you walk out of the cabin. Has not been a problem for me but it is good to know before finding out the hard way.

The main trash can in my cabin also is different. It has three containers – one for plastic, one for food and one for paper. MSC Seashore is environmentally conscious which I appreciate.

Cabin décor is a pleasant brown, tan, green and white. Across from the bed is a mirror-filled wall. Huge wide floor-to-ceiling mirror. Does make the room appear larger.

But the massive mirror also means that, as a solo cruiser, the first face I will see when awakening every morning will be me.

Now I’m off to explore this beautiful ship. Hope you will come along.

Thanks MSC Cruises and All Things Cruise for the wonderful adventure.

Photos by Jackie Sheckler Finch

  • A large balcony is always a plus.
  • My cabin features a large sofa and comfy bed. (Cover photo)
  • A huge floor-to-ceiling mirror dominates the wall at the foot of the bed.
  • The built-in hand soap dispenser in the bathroom.
  • Three compartment trash can.
  • Device inside cabin door to alert room attendant.

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