MSC Seascape: ‘Ultimate Amusement Ride’ on Robotron

Are you a daredevil on amusement rides? Or would you prefer something a bit more sedate?

On what is being called the “ultimate amusement ride” onboard MSC Seascape, passengers can choose their own high-tech fun. The first robotic arm ride at sea has a fitting name – Robotron.

Watching others climb on the ride and then enthusiastically climb off, I could see why this new ride is popular. “We heard about it so we wanted to try it out ourselves,” Sam Puckett of Fort Lauderdale says. “It’s great. I think you should try it yourself.”

Maybe after watching a few more times.

Robotron combines the breath-taking rush of a rollercoaster with personalized music and lighting to allow riders to customize their experience. A state-of-the-art robotic arm has an attached gondola that seats three guests to fly them nearly 175 feet above the sea.

The adrenaline-pumping experience gives riders an unobstructed 360-degree view of the horizon as they hang over the edge of the deck, flip upside down and move in all directions.

                                Choosing a Desired Thrill Level

Robotron riders can select their desired thrill level – a first among robotic arm rides – ranging from family friendly to high intensity. They can also set the mood with colored lights, music preferences and more.

Coupled with the adjacent video screen, Robotron acts as a moving DJ booth, with the rhythm and bass visualized as colorful patterns and pulses of light while the robotic arm is bouncing and twisting in tempo.

Sounds like something I wouldn’t want to do too soon after eating. “It won’t upset your stomach,” Sam says. “At least, it didn’t upset mine. Was just sort of like dancing around in time to the music.”

Each ride is three minutes long and offers three levels – easy, medium, intense. The ride also offers unexpected swings in different directions.

I have already been warned that anyone who wants to ride Robotron should do it as soon as possible on a cruise. If it’s too windy or the sea is too rough, Robotron doesn’t operate.

                          More Exciting Shipboard Rides, Experiences

Some other interesting rides and experiences aboard the MSC Seascape include:

VR 360-degree Flight Simulator: This ride offers the ultimate virtual motion experience, complete with VR headsets and impressive special effects. Guests can choose from various worlds to dive into a fun thrill-ride.

VR Motorcycles: Guests with a need for speed will love MSC Seascape’s new VR motorcycles, where players will be transported to the racetrack with wind and water effects to complete the experience.

MSC Formula Racer: Perfect for car racing enthusiasts ready to get their high-speed fix, this activity puts guests in the driver’s seat for a thrilling racing simulation game with realistic effects that will get their heart rates going.

Immersive XD Cinema: The minute guests put on their 3D glasses, they dive into alternate worlds where players battle it out against zombies, skeletons and more. Only one player can be crowned the victor so guests will need to prove their sharp-shooting skills against each other for ultimate bragging rights.

                                             Cruises Offer So Much More

When I first started cruising in 1976, that’s what we did – cruised. Musical entertainment was offered at various times. Maybe some board games or cards. Swimming and hot tub. A guest speaker.

Watching the river flow or checking the seas for a whale or dolphin sighting was about the most exciting activity aboard many ships or riverboats back then. Going ashore for excursions was a chance to stretch our legs, get some exercise and learn more about a destination.

Amazing what cruises offer now. Seems to be something for everyone especially for thrill seekers. Maybe that’s one reason why cruising seems more popular than ever.

As for Robotron, I’m still debating. I do think it would be nice to take home a T-shirt that reads “I Braved Robotron on MSC Seascape.” Might impress my grandchildren.

Photos courtesy of MSC Cruises

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