Marcia is thinking the price of this Allure of the Seas family vacation is worth it

We docked in Labadee, Haiti, on Tuesday and today we are in Falmouth, Jamaica, where construction continues on the exciting new RCL port between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

Labadee is the “island destination” for Haiti. My son, daughter-in-law and Jakob left early in the day for a zip-lining excursion. The little guys went ashore with their camp group, Adventure Ocean, Royal Caribbean’s stellar children’s program.

I stayed aboard. I spent some time in the gym riding the bike, had a marvelous reflexology treatment and then leisurely strolled off the ship to take a few pictures. When I returned I had a lovely made-to-order salad at Park Café in Central Park.


Tuesday was a lovely day. A day of firsts.

I had actually sailed for two days on an Allure of the Seas inaugural which “touched on the ship’s highlights” but didn’t really allow for experiencing any of them. I had spent an afternoon on the ship when Royal premiered two outstanding films, one directed by Jenny McCarthy another by James Brolin, so to visit the gym, have a treatment and wander this giant ship on my own was a treat.

I had admired the Rising Tide bar on Deck 5 – it is a bar which actually rises to Deck 8 – and my son and I had drinks while the kids had cokes. It is a heckuva ride.

And last night we actually saw CHICAGO, an amazing production of the classic Broadway musical. The show is sold out with every seat in the Amber Theater taken. EARNS ITS GRADES

The ship really deserves the accolades it has been accorded by many writers – myself included. It has the bells and whistles that set it apart but is extremely family friendly. Each day I find another large family group – 15, 28 or 20 members – enjoying the breakfast buffet in the dining room, camp program for the kids, one of many shows, or the casino late at night. It’s a happy place and whether you ride the Carousel on the Boardwalk or take part in the zip-lining expedition as my crew did, this is definitely a place to have a good time.

And the kids have made friends from all over Florida, the U.S. and many families from overseas.

Oh, sure, there are negatives. One seems absolutely silly. At breakfast you are accosted with a tray of two glasses of orange juice. I don’t recall the price, but it is supposedly “fresh squeezed” as opposed to regular orange juice, part of every other breakfast on the ship.

This was a costly vacation, but the way the Levin clan seems to be enjoying it, I’d say it was worth it.


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