Marcia arrived home fine, but her luggage lagged behind — still, it was a wonderful trip on the Queen Mary 2

Well, I am home

Queen Mary 2 docked in Red Hook, Brooklyn, early (really early) Monday morning. I flew out of LaGuardia about 3 p.m .Monday afternoon and arrived in Fort Lauderdale about 7.

My suitcase did not.

The airline delivered it late yesterday afternoon. While I don’t want to sound like a drama diva, the trip ended on the same discordant note with which it began. Thank goodness, my grandson is fine, he is back in the swim of swimming, movies and friends and leaves for camp in a few days.

Now that I have my luggage, I, too, am fine.

The crossing was wonderful. I loved the entire seven days and am ready to climb back aboard. Although I have sailed in both directions, I think I like the westbound sailing because you gain the time you lose going the other way.

There’s something so soothing, so civilized, so pleasant about Cunard and its British traditions. Although I didn’t visit the UK until the early 1970s, I had read so much British lit that I felt comfortable in London, always have and probably always will. If I were a bit more bells and whistles, I’d say I’d lived there in another life.

That extends to the Cunard brand. While it was founded in 1840 by Samuel Cunard, the 21st century version remains genteel and elegant, with many modern touches. High tea and wi-wi coexist. And on Deck 1, a remarkable time line covers Cunard’s long and interesting history.

And along with its interesting history is the full enrichment programs all day long that appeal to people who don’t want to play “everybody in the pool.”

I missed a couple of things I’d wanted to sit in on. Oh well, I may just have to sail again.


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