July 6 a special day for Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2  (Credit: Cunard)
Queen Mary 2 (Credit: Cunard)

July 6 will be a very special day for Cunard. Why? As Cunard’s Peter Shanks writes in his blog: “On the 6 July Queen Mary 2 will make her 200th crossing of the Atlantic Ocean – and since 2004 will have delighted over 520,000 passengers. Over the coming weeks we will be celebrating this milestone – not least on the 200th crossing itself.”

As two of those 520,000 delighted passengers, Pam and I have our own fond memories of making the Crossing, including the never-to-be-forgotten moment when we sailed out of New York harbor, past the Statue of Liberty, with Frank Sinatra singing “New York, New York” over the ship’s speakers. Over the next six glorious days, it was truly a cruise like no other.

Peter sums it up best:

“Nine years and 200 crossings later on the 6th July, setting sail from New York will be every bit as special for those passengers lining the upper decks of Queen Mary 2. In our history, remarkably, we have carried over 10 million people to New York on our liners – many of whom have started a new life in North America. The world is a fast changing place – but there are some things in life that never change and some things in life that just get better and better. Queen Mary 2 on a Transatlantic Crossing is one of those things. If you have experienced it – then come and do so again. If you have not – then believe me you should.”

We couldn’t say it better ourselves. — Gerry and Pam

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