Judy Zimmerman’s Bio

Judy ZimmermanJudy Zimmerman has been a travel editor and award-winning freelance travel writer for over 30 years. She’s traveled to well over 100 countries and sailed on more than 65 cruises. Her articles have appeared in about 800 newspapers, magazines, and websites.

She is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the Outdoor Writers of California.

Her specialties include worldwide destinations, senior and solo travel, small expedition cruises, destination health resorts, soft adventure, luxury travel, service articles, and stories based on travel in all 50 states.

Sacramento, California is Judy’s home base.

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  1. Hi Judy! You may be on your next adventure? Remember m from Ventura?

    I can’t remember the gal’s name for sure who was showing us her Cuba pictures – Adrienne? Would you have her address? I didn’t keep Lauren Pearl’s address to see where she might have posted the list of all of our addresses?? Have fun wherever you are – and this might not even be your latest blog!!


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