Jakob is having too much fun on the Allure to share blogging with Grandma…Marcia’s final report

The best laid plans of mice, men and grandmothers often go astray. It seems my plan for Jakob and me to share the blog from Allure of the Seas suffered a sea change. Jakob enjoyed Adventure Ocean, the camp aboard ship, so much that time ran out.

His mom and dad also zip lined-in Labadee and Matt took Flow Rider lessons on the ship.

Me? I wandered this very large ship discovering something new each day.

I enjoyed one breakfast and two lunches in the Park Cafe on Central Park, an easy alternative to the sprawling Windjammer Marketplace, one of the best buffets on the sea.

Self-service kiosks are handy

I had occasion to use the self-service kiosks on Deck 5 at Guest Services. I wanted to check something out on my bill and did not realize until then that the kiosks were for more than printing boarding passes. (And since I live 15 minutes from Port Everglades, I have never had occasion to need a boarding pass.) I swiped my key card, keyed in my cabin number and got a prompt that printed out my bill. Another prompt gave me a personal calendar telling me my activities for the day.

These touch screen kiosks are a step beyond and the interactive TV does just about everything but pack your suitcase. Make dinner or show reservations? Click! Ordering room service? Click! Check you bill or book a spa treatment. Click and double click. It is all simply amazing to this grandma who thought an electric typewriter was hot stuff when I packed away my portable!


I remember being on an older ship, maybe it was the old Premier line, some 30 years ago when they were first installing television sets in cabins. It was revolutionary. A few years later I remember telling a public relations person on Holland America that it would be helpful if the TV sets were not on the dresser. The flat screen television sets are now up on the wall.

My ventures into high-seas high-tech, you see, are somewhat limited.

One of the most admirable and interesting things about this behemoth, Allure of the Seas, is the technology.

I’ve written before of the complete and thorough signage, of the touch-screen maps that tell guests where they are and how to get where they are going. Royal Caribbean has pulled out all the stops with making one’s way around the ship easy.


Allure has also created an atmosphere where entertainment reigns supreme. Consider comedy act, Broadway productions – not revues – an entire musical production, character parades, a jazz club, another club where folk singing is on tap, aquatic shows, the Blue Planet production, the list goes on and on.

Brush-on tattoos for the little ones

I never made it to the comedy club, or the pub where my son and daughter-in-law enjoyed the music each night, so I have reasons to return.

The ship offers that proverbial something for everyone. Whether it was the brush-on tattoos Noah and Cooper had, or the reflexology treatment I enjoyed, the experiences are pleasant.

Alluring, in a way.




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