Jakob and Grandma report on zip-lining and the food onboard Allure


I zip-lined in Labadee.

The view from the top of the zip-line was beautiful. It was burning hot on the five-minute ride to the top of the mountain. After that we went to the beach and it was so amazing. I found a piece of coral that was shaped like a tornado. My brother started freaking out because he got pebbles in his shoe that ended up turning into a sore on his foot.

Flow Rider

The ship has a program for kids called Adventure Ocean. We play games like dodge ball and gaga ball and I have met a lot of kids from all over. I am friendly with a kid my age from California and many Floridians who don’t live far from where I do.

My age group is for 9-11-year-olds. Many of us are going into sixth grade.

Camp on the ship is different from the camp I attend each summer in Georgia, but it is the same concept of kids being kids and having fun. So far it works.


Zip-lining isn’t for me and so far I haven’t seen the pictures of Matt, Danielle and Jeff flying through the air, but it sounds as though they had a good time.

It is now Thursday, and I did get up early to go with Jakob and his dad to an 8 a.m. Flow Rider lesson. In the rain!

It was exciting to watch and I think Jakob enjoyed it but doesn’t seem to want to go again. He is definitely enjoying the camp and the food. For breakfast this morning he ate a chocolate-covered donut, a package of Fruit Loops, two cinnamon rolls, a bagel, eggs, juice, and a banana. (I raised three strapping sons myself, but I am still amazed.)


Yes, I have said it before. Allure of the Seas is definitely awe-inspiring.

Last night I went to a performance of “How to Train Your Dragon on Ice” and, again, the arena was filled. A woman in the seat next to me said she was shocked that there were as many parents and grandparents as kids. The little boys had a camp-planned “pirate” party and parade through the Promenade. I caught the parade, Matt, Danielle and I thought our two pirates were definitely the best!

After camp, my kids and the little ones went to the Aqua Theater to watch the movie “Grease” in a sing-along format which they enjoyed.

There are so many things still to do on our list. We want to have dinner in Chops Grille, go to a comedy show, see Blue Planet, spend time tomorrow in Cozumel and more. Thank goodness this has been a week’s cruise because this vessel requires a lot of time to process.

I have a feeling that come Sunday, when we depart, there will still be things we haven’t done.




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