If you are sailing on these lines, you may have trouble getting luggage tags in advance

This news came to us from the Cruise Brothers online travel agency. It is worth sharing:

Several weeks ago a new process for cruise line luggage tags was introduced by Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara cruise lines. This new process took away the agency’s ability to print luggage tags in advance and it put the cruise line in charge of printing and mailing luggage tags for its clients.

This new process worked very well at first (for a couple weeks), but as the demand for tags grew the process began to fail. It seems after just a few weeks this new process had a critical melt-down. As recently as January 5 the agency was told there was an equipment failure, and that new equipment, to correct the problem, has been ordered.

As of  January 7, Royal Caribbean had issued a company wide memo stating that they can not keep up with the demand to print and mail luggage tags to agency clients. So, as of now they will not be printing tags until they get the bugs out of their wonderful new system.

The memo goes on to say that we need to tell our clients that “luggage tags will be available at the pier.” At this time there is nothing the agency can do to produce “in-house” luggage tags for Royal Caribbean, Celebrity or Azamara bookings.

So until Royal Caribbean gives agencies the ability to once again print luggage tags or gets the bugs out of their luggage tag system, luggage tags will only be available at the pier.

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  1. The same is true for Holland. You print all documents at home including temporary luggage tags. I miss the old cruise documents.


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