Good News From CruiseCompete Cruisers About Their Pacific Princess Sailing & Return

It was refreshing for CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein to get this newsy email and photos (note the CruiseCompete lanyard!) from one of our CruiseCompete loyal members and avid cruiser the other day …

April 30, 2020

Dear Bob,

We’re back in New York–upstate, thank goodness!

We managed to stay on the COVID-19 free Pacific Princess until 22APR20, when we had to get off. We didn’t want to. None of us wanted to get off. We were safe and happy where we were. That said, there comes a time when we have to face reality.

San Pedro port arrival

So, by way of a charter flight in a Gulfstream IV (courtesy of Princess, unable to fly commercial courtesy of the CDC) we were delivered all the way to our home–including a chauffeured Cadillac SUV ride from New Haven!

Gulfstream IV

Then, again courtesy of the CDC we were advised to be quarantined for 14 days. Please note, we had just undergone a group quarantine for almost 7 weeks on the Pacific Princess. This included 16 days at sea between Melbourne, Australia, and a technical call at Honolulu. Two couples who live in Hawaii were able to disembark there. They got a chauffeured ride to their homes–including a police escort!

What a shock to our systems. The morning of the 23rd we awoke to snow! Fortunately, our good friend, Pattie, got some staples for our refrigerator, so we shouldn’t starve. Now, I’m having to cook–a lot!

Between washing fruits and vegetables, as well as my hands, they’re in worse shape than they were on the ship!

I hope that you are managing to weather this pandemic. The travel industry must really be suffering! I just wanted to give you an update and to wish you well.


Photos courtesy Deborah Fraioli & Princess Cruises (ship photo)

5 thoughts on “Good News From CruiseCompete Cruisers About Their Pacific Princess Sailing & Return”

  1. It is so heart-warming to see that so many of our guests have made it home, in good spirits and with such wonderful things to say about our little Pacific Princess! We certainly were a family here and as of this minute (May 3rd, 2020) we’re just about 2 days from Honolulu (AGAIN!!!) and then we head to the Philippines to get our teammates from the Philippines home. After that, we head to India to get some of our teammates from that country home too.

    We have disembarked all of our non-Asian crew to the HAL Koningsdam and taken on teammates from the Grand and Star Princess.

    The ship is still our home, but “less” than she was before without our guests. There is no ringing in the Casino, the Club Bar is eerily silent…and don’t get me started on the Cabaret Lounge!

    But we’re getting the Pacific all smarted up, so when all of you are home again soon, we’ll be shiny, with our best foot forward.

    I hope you’re all well, safe and healthy. God speed until we meet again.

    Much love,

    YOUR Cruise Director, PJ

  2. cannot wait when all is back to normal and we can go back to cruising, when this virus thing started We made had plans for our Europe cruise but ofcourse we had to delay
    hope to see you soon (P.S. this will be out 10 cruise)

  3. I just hope Princess does not cut back on the entertainment or anything else after the pandemic to make up there losses. Seems like they have been cutting back pre-pandemic and I am hesitant to book a cruise. We usually only book 30 day or longer cruises and it was horrible on our last cruise with your sister company owned by the same corporation.

  4. Good news from Donna and Richard. We were on the 2018 and 2020 from LA to LA. We enjoyed talking to you and especially Richards’s great sense of humor.
    We left the Pacific Princess on March 21st in Fremantle and needed 4 days to fly home to California. Still miss the breakfast buffet. Really miss the good life on the ship.
    P. J.,
    Good to see your message. Have been following the status of the Pacific Princess and many other ships. My heart goes out to you and all crew members who are stuck on the ships for so long. The crew on the Pacific Princess was the absolute best especially after the uncertain developments after leaving Exmouth. I wish all of you a safe return home.
    Best regards,
    Ron and Susie Ernst


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