For A Complete Experiential Tour, The Galapagos Islands Offer Twenty Ports

Galápagos Ports Include:  

  1. Chinese Hat Island (officially Isla Sombrero Chino) is one of the smallest Galápagos Islands, located close to the Santiago Island and shaped like a Chinese hat.
  2. Santiago Island consists of two overlapping volcanoes.
  3. Champion Island is a popular cruise port destination for snorkeling, scuba diving and wildlife watching.
  4. Genovesa Island (aka “Tower Island”) is one of the minor islands, named after Genoa, Italy.
  5. Floreana Island is named after the first president of Ecuador, Juan Jose Flores (1800-1864).
  6. Santa Fe Island is a small isle in the center of the Galápagos Islands.
  7. Mosquera Island is a small coral reef.
  8. South Plaza Island (officially Isla Plaza Sur) is located off the east coast of Santa Cruz Island.
  9. Eden Island is one of the Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean, close to Santa Cruz Island.
  10. Baltra Island is a small island of the Galápagos Islands, also known as South Seymour.
  11. Daphne Island is one of the smaller Galápagos Islands.
  12. Espanola Island (Isla Espanola) was named by the English “Hood Island” after Viscount Samuel Hood.
  13. Isabela Island is the largest of the Galápagos Islands, almost 4 times larger than Santa Cruz.
  14. Fernandina Island, formerly known as “Narborough Island is the 3rd largest and youngest of the Galápagos Islands.
  15. Santa Cruz Island is the Galápagos Islands archipelago’s 2nd largest.
  16. Bartolome Island is a volcanic islet in Galápagos Islands group.
  17. North Seymour Island is located near Baltra Island and is wholly covered with bushy vegetation.
  18. San Cristobal Island is the 5th largest of the Galápagos Islands.
  19. Quito (Ecuador’s capital city) is located on the lower slopes of Pichincha volcano and in a valley of Andes with the Andean Mountains.
  20. Rabida Island, also known as Jervis Island was named after the British fleet-admiral John Jervis.

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Image courtesy of photographer Daniel Allen.

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