Dubrovnik, Croatia

While everyone had said that you could easily make arrangements once you arrived in Dubrovnik, as the Noordam docked, I had a moment of panic.  Though the kids were pretty sure they wanted to go kayaking, we didn’t make prior arrangements, wanting to see if the water was calm.  Luckily, everyone was right.  When the bus (which Holland America provided for a fee) left us off at the walled city, we easily found someone with information on kayaking.  After making sure the company was certified, the kids signed up.  For a second, we considered joining them.

The kids headed down to the water and we headed to the cable car.  Opened a year ago, it’s a fabulous way to see this beautiful walled city perched above the sea.  The view – with terra cotta roofs and the sea dotted with cruise ships, kayaks and sailboats—makes it easy to see why this beautiful coastline was always a sought after prize by so many countries.  If you happen to be hungry, there’s a restaurant at the top where you can continue taking in the magnificent view.   A little tip – use the bathroom, it’s free.  Down below by the walled city, you’ll have to pay a Euro.  Back down and wanting to ret a bit and be in air-conditioning we opted for an introductory movie about Dubrovnik.  We both felt it wasn’t worth it.  The kids also walked the wall (we had done it on prior trip to Dubrovnik).  It’s hard to believe that this ancient wall still remains and that people are still living in the homes.  You can also see some of the damage from the last war.

Glad we didn’t go kayaking.  The kids said that it was fun but tiring and that was from a group of buff twenty year olds. (Besides kayaking they did get a history of Dubrovnik and went swimming.)


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