Disembarkation: The Panorama makes it easy

Life is just so much simpler on a smaller ship, and particularly on a river cruiser.

Disembarking was simple

The Panorama docked in Amsterdam at around 5 a.m., while I was still sound asleep. My bag went out in the hallway at 7 and then I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. I walked off the boat, onto a bus and 25 minutes later, I was deposited at Schiphol Airport.

It was that simple – no rushing, no waiting in public rooms because your stateroom was no longer yours. It was a stressfree and graceful way to end a cruise.

And that is the advantage to small as opposed to big, and to river dockings instead of cruise ports.

All in all , this cruise was a relaxing and yet stimulating holiday, from start to finish.

Editors Note: As we finish our coverage of the inaugural cruise of Avalon Waterways Panorama, we can’t resist sharing with you one of Barbara’s nicest photos.

A lovely river scene


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