Delicious food abounds on the Queen Mary 2, in a variety of venues

Dining is a science aboard Queen Mary 2. It is a popular past time where continental breakfast is available as early as 4 a.m. in the King’s Court and where a late snack is available until 2 am.

In between, three meals a day are available in the Queen’s Grill, Princess Grill and Brittania Club as well as the Brittania Restaurant (where I have been seated all week.)

Lunch and dinner are available daily inTodd English where a la carte prices apply, and  in the Golden Lion pub from noon until 2:30.

Then there’s afternoon tea – a truly British tea – in the Queen’s Room with an alternate buffet tea, a simpler offering, in the Kings Court.

Kings Court, on Deck 7, is QM2’s answer to a Lido Deck and at night where a la carte restaurants are available for a $10 fee.

Room service is also available

Our dinners in Brittania have been great. Not a complaint from our tablemates and service has been superb. We had sole one night that was delicious. The vegetarian offerings are well- received and two people at our table are given the next day’ s dinner menu so they can avoid nut products because of allergies.

Carnivores have done everything but lick their plates, enjoying steaks, beef wellington and the like.

I stick to chicken and fish or seafood, avoid carbs as much as I can, and have never been hungry.  Because I do spend a lot of time on ships, I try to stick to two-course meals. It is possible, as well, to stick to special diets and a galley tour includes discussion of that issue.

A gastronomical highlight was our group visit to Todd English, the service is elegant, the food divine and the room quite lovely. I had the chicken, which followed an appetizer called “Love Letters,” a delicate potato appetizer rich in butter and spices.

My tablemates all had desserts, one more attractive – and reportedly delicious – than the other. I definitely recommend a Todd English meal on any sailing. The restaurant is also on QueenVictoria (there is an additional charge).

For a purely unscientific read on food aboard ship, the answer is all aboard!


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