Decisions, decisions. Will it be a Body Glow, a Scalp Massage, a Marine Mud Wrap ?

So many expensive goodies and so much bling to tempt us.

ABOARD THE SEADREAM II-I’ve learned that the spa is running a special and I’m going to jump on it, but later—after a time spent on St. Barts.

We’re still moored within plain sight of the island, and during breakfast, we watch the yachts come and go. Today we see the Oceania Riviera, as well as the SeaDream I.

My daughter and I take the tender to Gustavia and once again, walk around the harbor. The shops beckon – so many temptations and so much bling.  We resist, but later we hear that one of our fellow passengers treated herself to a $40,000 watch. Such is the allure of St. Barts. We soldier on and make the easy climb to the ruins of Fort Karl; there isn’t much to see here, but the view of Gustavia and Shell Beach (Anse de Grands Galets) fairly cry out for a camera.

From the ruins of Fort Karl, we can see Gustavia and Shell Beach.

Photographs accomplished, we’re ready for a refreshing swim. There are several fine beaches on the island, including: Anse de Colombier to the north, the island’s most remote beach, accessed only by a dirt trail; Anse du Governeur and Anse de Grande Saline to the south, said to be the most perfect.

We choose the easiest to reach: Shell Beach, which is composed of — sand and shells. Though small, it provides good people-watching: a couple of French ladies who are topless (we refrain from photographing them), fellow passengers from SeaDream, as well as passengers from the Oceania ship; people arriving on scooters, ATVs and sailboats. It’s a truly international crowd – we hear conversations in French, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish, as well as English. The water is perfect, just cool enough – like all the waters we’ve encountered so far. There’s a light current, but it pushes you gently toward the shore, rather than away, so you feel comfortable and safe even if you’re not a great swimmer (I’m not). We spend a few pleasant hours – beach chairs are available (for 20 Euros), as are refreshments – and then head back to the yacht.

Shell Beach is a great place for people-watching, meeting passengers from other ships — and for a refreshing swim.

The water toys are out again, but my destination is the spa — for the Body Glow. The Asian-style spa is small – cozy, actually — which makes sense given the limited number of passengers. My esthetician invites me to undress and slip under a light covering onto a well-padded and lightly heated massage table. The treatment turns out to be part (gentle) scrub with sugar and Thai herbs, part massage, all of which is soothing and relaxing. Next comes a shower to remove the scrub residue, followed by an all-over application of jasmine-scented body lotion. Good thing there are no insects hovering around the yacht – I am so fragrant, I’d be sure to attract them.

There’s just enough time for a nap before the poolside fashion show, hosted by the Activities and starring some of the crew. Tonight’s dinner will be a Caribbean Feast at the Topside Restaurant – and following that, a Dessert Extravaganza by the pool. I am trying hard to be moderate in my food consumption, especially as the chef provides so many healthy choices. I’d like to return home at a reasonable weight, but the homemade ice creams are superb, the pastries, sublime – well, you get the idea.  So when it comes to moderation, I’ll just have to take Scarlett O’Hara’s position: “Tomorrow is another day.”

Photos by Lillian Africano
December 6, 2012

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