What’s your pleasure? Kayaking, swimming or the banana boats?

Capt. David Bathgate

“Where is yesterday’s blog?” the captain asked me this morning. We were privileged to have a private dinner with the new captain of the Seabourn Spirit, Capt. David Bathgate,  a couple of days ago and he has been reading our website since.

Argh! I was “caught out” (as the Brits and Aussies say). Yes, I am behind. It is hard to stay at the computer and write when there are so  many lovely things to do on this ship. So, I will catch up and thank the captain for keeping me on course.

On every warm weather Seabourn cruise, there is a marina day. This is the day that the lower the platform at the back of the ship and passengers are able to swim, snorkel, kayak, sail, water-ski and take banana boat rides. It is the most casual day of the cruise as most folks are running around in swimsuits and cover-ups. As this is a distinctly older crowd, it is nice to see so many participating.

The event is very well organized and passengers sign up for the various activities so the area does not become overcrowded. They also serve drinks and snacks.

Despite the fact that there were jellyfish in the area (and the crew did their best to keep them at bay), a good time was had by all.

I’m thinking it’s time for jingle bells

Only three days are left on this cruise and Christmas is only nine days away. It is peculiar that there are no Christmas decorations around the ship yet (presumably they will be put up for the holiday cruise departing Dec. 20), no Christmas music is being played and no one is wearing holiday clothing. Yet everyone is Christmas shopping! There seems to be a bit of a disconnect and I hope the ship starts celebrating the season soon!

1 thought on “What’s your pleasure? Kayaking, swimming or the banana boats?”

  1. Thanks for the update. I’m taking a group on Seabourn Spirit in the Caribbean on February 3, 2012 and am looking forward to the fabulous service — and for me a lot of nostalgia. I used to run Seabourn’s air and pre/post package department in the early San Francisco Seabourn days. A little fact correction – Seabourn Spirit is the second ship in Seabourn’s fleet (the Pride was the first) and it was always a Seabourn ship. The 3rd ship, the Legend, came along several years later after she had been in service (briefly) as the Royal Viking Queen. Also Seabourn is now know as Seabourn Cruise Line, having drop the Yachts over a year ago.


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