Dealing with unexpected bad weather during cruise aboard the Crystal Serenity

Seely in the Bubbles Room of the Boston Children's Museum
Seely in the Bubbles Room of the Boston Children’s Museum

ABOARD THE CRYSTAL SERENITY – The past two days on this cruise have been a good example of dealing with what comes. In this case: Bad weather.

On Sunday we were in Boston and the weather was even worse than in Bar Harbor. Rain, sleet, snow and driving winds. However, the passengers who went on bus tours reported having good experiences anyway.

We had planned to spend part of the day in the Boston Commons park with our daughter Amy and grandchildren Seely and Violet. But instead we opted to meet them at the Boston Children’s Museum ( where we spent a couple of hours – the little ones enjoyed it tremendously – and then we went to lunch at Pastoral, a nearby restaurant.

Golf clinic on the Crystal Serenity
Golf clinic on the Crystal Serenity

We returned to the ship in late afternoon to the news that because the weather was so bad the captain cancelled our visit to Newport, R.I., yesterday and instead were overnighting in Boston and then sailing on directly to New York City yesterday.

So we all had an unexpected sea day. The crew did a good job of scrambling to fill the day with activities. Crystal has an extensive staff of experts on board — lecturers, tennis and golf pros, bridge instructors, an art teacher and computer experts – so there is always a lot to do. We went to bingo (Chet won $120!), had a leisurely lunch in the main dining room and then went to an afternoon golf clinic – fortunately moved indoors. Otherwise, the day was devoted to reading and napping.

The Sushi Bar at Nobu's Sulk Road restaurant on the Crystal serenity.
The Sushi Bar at Nobu’s Sulk Road restaurant on the Crystal serenity.

Dinner was at the Silk Road, the Asian Fusion specialty restaurant owned by Nobu. The menu was quite unusual and we enjoyed trying many new dishes. The restaurant also has a popular sushi bar (which can also be ordered from your table).

We arrive in New York City tomorrow morning and will be staying there most of three days.

November 3, 2014

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