Day 8 – World Navigator, Atlas Ocean Voyages (At Sea)

AT SEA_Today our destination is … nowhere. It’s a sea day, and we’ll spend it cruising the Grenadines, between St. Vincent and Grenada. There was a heavy rain overnight, and a gray, fog-like haze envelopes the islands as we sail by. It pretty much stays with us all day.

No matter, while some head to the spa, for us it’s chill time by the pool. This morning there’s also a cooking demonstration in The Dome, where Brazilian chef/consultant Guillermo Muro, who designed the menus on World Navigator, will show us how to cook Summer Truffle Gnocchi.

Working with his assistants, he took us through every step of the process, including sampling the end result. It was easily the best gnocchi we ever tasted, and his béchamel sauce was magical.

After lunch, there’s another screening at the film festival, but I have signed up for a tour of the Bridge. Located on deck 6, it looks like a “Star Trek” movie set. Surrounding and in between two captain chairs is an array of screens, dials and controls that monitor/report every detail of both the ship and the sea around us.

As second officer Tomas, who hails from Portugal, explains their various functions, he stops abruptly when a red light fire alarm sounds on an adjacent control panel. He calls the safety officer over and after some back and forth on the walkie-talkies, determines it was only steam setting off a detector in the galley.

A tour and an impromptu demo of the crew in action — that’s impressive!

Next up was the Captain’s Farewell Reception in the Atlas Lounge. He, his officers, the department managers and crew got well-deserved recognition for their efforts while we sipped cocktails and ate canapes. Dr. Gino was again on hand to play piano, and we shared more fun with our favorite entertainer.

Dinner was outdoors under the stars at Porto, and featured Lobster Thermidor and Rack of Lamb, but the best part was the Chocolate Soufflé for dessert.

The main event in The Dome was Crew Night, where we are entertained with a show featuring members of the ship’s crew. There was also a raffle, with proceeds going to a crew fund. Raffle tickets in hand, we enjoyed singing, Indonesian dancing and an amazing duo doing choreographed hi-hop.

Pam and I won a mug — a fitting way to end our day at sea.

PHOTOS: credit Gerry Barker

The Bridge on World Navigator (Cover)

Chef Muro prepares to make gnocci.

The Crew Shop in The Dome

The captain and crew hold a reception

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