Cruising the Rhine and Moselle: Morning on the river

My sleeping patterns always change when I travel. I seem to need less sleep, and wake up at crazy early hours. But that’s okay on this cruise on the Panorama, because it gives me lots of time to experience the ship before everyone else is up.

Morning on the Moselle River

First I head to the club lounge for a cup of coffee. The Melitta coffee machine produces a cup of cappuccino. There’s usually one or two people to chat with for a few minutes, fellow early risers.

Then I head up to the top deck to see what’s happening on the river. On Monday morning the ship was gliding past small towns on the Moselle, with church bells ringing and runners and bicyclers out on the riverside paths getting their morning exercise.

The vineyards, the surrounding hills and the water were just being touched by the sun. And it was very quiet, with just birdsong and the church bells to break the silence.

Fitness center facilities

Next stop is the fitness center. It’s small but well equipped, and mostly empty this early. Just one girl from Australia shares my workout on occasion. I turn on the big flat screen, and catch up on the world news on BBC while doing my 40 minute session on the treadmill.

Then a quick shower and it’s time for breakfast and the port excursion of the day.

Not a bad way to start the day.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Barbara. Europe river cruises are wonderful!
    I’ve been on Viking Sky’s Tulips & Windmills and Uniworld’s Europe Serenade–loved both of them.


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