CruiseCompete’s Cruise Podcast: How to Save Money Onboard Your Cruise (CruiseCompete Cruise Bite #7)

Tune In with CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein to CruiseCompete Cruise Bite #7 podcast and find out how to save money onboard your cruise.

Sophisticated cruisers know that you have to shop around to get the best cruise deal. But saving money when you book your cruise is only part of the equation. It also pays to be smart with your money during your cruise vacation as well. We’ll be talking about how to save money onboard your cruise in this CruiseCompete Cruise Bite.

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CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein is the host of this series to educate and entertain potential cruisers, as well as to share tips, ideas and inspiration to help make your next cruise a fantastic experience.

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