Cruise Ship Trivia 2021 – 20 intriguing questions

c. Bob Ecker, June 2021

Think you know your ships?  And cruising?  Try your luck with these…

#1. Which ship is often credited as being the first modern cruise ship, specifically designed for passenger comfort and enjoyment versus simply transport?  Name the ship, company and year launched?

Answer #1: The Prinzessin Victoria Luise, (named for Kaiser Wilhelm II daughter) was launched by HAPAG on January 5, 1901 from Hamburg, Germany.  It was built more for passenger comfort than strictly as transportation.  Sadly, less than 5 years later, the groundbreaking vessel became stuck on rocks off of Kingston, Jamaica and was declared a total loss.  Talk about groundbreaking, more like hull breaking!

#2. According to pre-pandemic data from the Cruise Industry, approximately how many Cruise Passengers sailed about cruise ships, worldwide, in 2019?

  1. A) 15.3 million
  2. B) 11.4 million
  3. C) 22 million
  4. D) 29.7 million
  5. E) 38.2 millionAnswer #2:  D, 29.7 million, the most ever.

#3. Which is the only Liner that allows passengers to bring aboard their dog – or cat – or ferret?

Answer #3: Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 sailing between New York and Southampton, U.K.  However, all animals must sail inside the ship’s kennel, which can be visited anytime.  Dogs can be walked in various areas throughout the day.  Cunard guaranteed they will be pampered.

#4 Where is the dangerous “Iceberg Alley?”

Answer #4: “Iceberg Alley” lies outside of Newfoundland and Labrador.  This stretch of water sees the most icebergs across any major shipping route in the world.

#5: Which of these ships will soon be launched in 2021: Valient Lady, Sylvia Earle, Hanseatic Spirit, Le Commandant Charcot, Minerva or Golden Horizon?

  1. All of the above
  2. Sylvia Earle
  3. Golden Horizon, Hanseatic Spirit, Minerva
  4. None of the above
  5. Minerva and Valient Lady

Answer #5: A:  All of these are actual new vessels that are planned to debut this year.


#6: Many scenes from the Poseidon Adventure were filmed about what vessel?

#6: Answer: The RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach.

#7. In 2015, who became the first male “Godfather” to christen a cruise ship?  Name the person and the ship?

#7: Answer: Rapper Pitbull was chosen as “Godfather” of the Norwegian Escape.

#8 What company featured identical twin Executive Chefs aboard two of its vessels?

Answer #8: Yorkshire born, identical twins Nicholas and Mark Oldroyd are both Executive Chefs on Cunard Line ships.  Mark is aboard the Queen Victoria and Nicholas on the Queen Mary 2.  Amazing, no?

#9. Sailing at an average speed of 34.51 knots Westbound across the Atlantic Ocean, which cruise ship still officially holds the Blue Riband title (Speed record for fastest passenger ship crossing the Atlantic) set back in 1952?

Answer #9: The S.S. United States still owns the Blue Riband record.

#10: Which one of these famous British ladies has never been a ship’s godmother?

A) Dame Shirley Bassey
B) Dame Julie Andrews
C) Dame Maggie Smith
D) Dame Judi Dench
E) Twiggy

Answer #10: C, Dame Maggie Smith has never been a ship’s godmother.  Yes, even Twiggy holds that honor.

#11. What US State is most economically influenced by the Cruise Industry?

Answer #11: Florida by a vast margin.  In 2019, some 13.6 people accounting for 47% of ALL US based cruise passengers and crew traveled through Florida’s busy ports.  California is a distant second at 2.3 million passengers.


#12. Hurtigruten is a well-known Norwegian ferry/cruise ship company.  Which of these is not a name of one of their ships?

A) Fram
B) Lofoten
C) Narwhal
D) Midnatsol

  1. E) Trollfjord

Answer #12: C, a narwhal is a cute, small tusked whale, but not a Hurtigruten ship.


#13. Lifeboats are a necessity aboard cruise ships, just in case a need arises.  What is the name of the special steel winch-like device that launches lifeboats over the side and in to the water?

Answer #13: A davit.


#14. Which luxury small cruise company is named after a famous artist?

Answer #14: Paul Gauguin Cruises.


#15. Which cruise company boasts the most ships, with over 80 river and ocean-going vessels?

Answer #15: Viking Cruises.

#16. All the horns on Disney Cruise Line ships play the first notes of what song?

Answer #16: “When You Wish Upon a Star,” from Disney’s 1940 version of “Pinocchio,” and somewhat of a theme song of the Walt Disney Company.  Incidnetally, it won the 1940 Academy Award for Best Original Song.

#17. Which cruise ship’s artwork is entirely devoted to famed director, Federico Fellini?

Answer #17: All 12 passenger decks of the Costa Atlantica are a tribute to the life and work of Federico Fellini.

#18. Many cruises’ vessels visit the great state of Alaska.  How big is Alaska’s coastline?

A) Slightly larger than California’s
B) Roughly equal to that of the US
C) Less than half of the US

  1. D) Almost equal to Michigan
    E) About 3 times that of the US


Answer #18: E, about three times as large as the rest of the US.  That’s big.

#19.  Iceland Pro Cruises does a masterful job of presenting the wonders of both Iceland and Greenland to its passengers.  What is Iceland’s nickname?


Answer #19: The Land of Fire and Ice.

#20.  Captain Stubing was the famous fictional captain for the “Love Boat.”  What actor played his ne’er-do-well brother, Marshall?

Answer #20: Gavin MacLeod who played Captain Stubing also played his brother Marshall, wearing a toupee for the role.  May he rest in peace.
BONUS QUESTION: One woman holds the record for being Godmother of the most cruise ships.  Who is she?

Answer: Actress Sophia Loren has christened a shopping 14 vessels, for MSC Cruises.  Her most recent was Godmother of the MSC Bellissima.

How did you do?

17-21 correct = Captain

11-16 correct = First Mate

6-10 correct = Steward

1-5 correct = Seagull


© Bob Ecker 2021

Cover photo: Waikiki Beach Diamond Head Summit by Jialin Cox © WorldViews

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