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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
This city has a rich culture and the guides are very well informed., August 15, 2011

Reviewer: roilion
Pros: The Hermitage Museum, Peterhof Palace and the competency of our guide.
Cons: Food is really poor - mainly the 2nd one included in the 2-day excursion.
roilion saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

The shore excursions in St. Petersburg are very expensive. We bought the two-day excusion and I can say it was worth it. The visit to the Hermitage Museum was wonderful. I also appreciate a lot the various churches, Peterhof Palace and the canal cruise.

There is good shopping at reasonable prices for amber jewelry and Russian handicrafts. They were selling on the ship the same articles that I bought in St. Pete but at a much higher price.
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Outstanding city for history, art and architecture, September 14, 2010

Reviewer: wild cat
Pros: Unbelievable riches of palaces
Cons: Too many interesting things to see for a short visit of two days!
wild cat saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

Visited St.Petersburg in September 2010 on the Princess Star ship on an 11-day Baltic cruise.

Visit of two days in St.Petersburg with the local tour company Alla which gave excellent service at a reasonable price for a group of 10 people. The whole group was extremely satisfied with the places visited and the background information given by the guide by the name of Anya.

On the ship after the first day, there was an excellent show with a Russian troupe doing typical Russian dances and songs.
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One of the real jewels of cruising ports, September 12, 2010

Reviewer: Todd Todd
Pros: The city is focused on the water, the architecture magnificent, the museums!!
Cons: It can be very crowded at the most popular places.
Todd Todd saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

This is the imperial city of Peter the Great. The city with its canals is a city that, like Venice, embraces the sea. But even the surrounding areas hold truly world class sights that are not to be missed.

The city was built on a swamp on the delta of the Neva River. And, as beautiful as the city is, history has not been kind. The palaces, the Hermitage, etc., all have dark pasts but today with fresh paint and gilding they are magnificent. During the summer the "white nights" give hours of extra time just to stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere.

The ships dock close into town, but it is still necessary to take either a tour or taxi into town. The tours to Catherine's Palace or the world famous Peterhof are practically a necessity. Unless you are coming back soon, you really must do both. The famous Amber Room has been recreated at Catherine's Palace and the fountains at Peterhof are simply amazing.

In town, you can do the Hermitage by yourself, but a guide gets you in faster. Take a canal trip on a small boat to enjoy some of the other sights the easy way. A city tour takes you around town, and the distances can be daunting, but taking a walk down Nevsky Prospect is also a must. If you must miss something, miss Peter and Paul fortress and the tombs of the Czars.

There are all kinds of ballet concerts. Some of them at the Kirov are truly world class, others less so. But, it's one thing that everyone seems to want to do. Sometimes there are musical concerts in the palaces, check with a booking agent. They are everywhere in town.

You really need two days. Starting/ending a cruise in St. Petersburg makes sense. Or, two nights aboard ship. However if you are entering Russia by land or air, you may need a visa. The airport is out of town, about half way to Catherine's Palace. Some lines offer one day trips to Moscow. As interesting as Moscow is, it would be a shame to miss the main sights in St. Petersburg.
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Incredibly beautiful city with history, life, and art. A must see!, August 14, 2010

Reviewer: kdkessler
Pros: The fact that Russian art and history comes to life after Lenin.
Cons: The cost of eating or drinking off the ship
kdkessler saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

There is easy access to the metro system from the ship. Guides all speak English and are willing to discuss politics, religion and current affairs. We missed the Russian Art Museum, but saw the Winter Palace part of the Hermitage.

We planned on three days in this beautiful city which wasn't enough. We would love to go back some day, maybe as an extension on a Baltic cruise. The trams and city buses seemed pretty old, and the people don't automatically smile. Not everyone speaks English. Never did we feel in danger or in the wrong part of town. The draw-bridges going up each night for three hours is quite a spectacle and it seems everyone is out to watch. This is a city that one could easily spend a month in and not see it all.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Everywhere you look is eye candy - so beautiful, August 4, 2010

Reviewer: Galeas
Pros: So much history and art.
Cons: Expensive tours
Galeas saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

It is an experience of a lifetime. Plan a cruise that stays overnight. We booked a tour with DenRus and they were amazing.
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4 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
A fascinating city., April 13, 2010

Reviewer: Taylor05
Pros: Nothing like the West... very interesting things to see & places to go.
Cons: None - the whole thing was a very good experience.
Taylor05 saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

We made a list of the places we want to see and a Baltic Cruise was in the top 5. Exploring this region, Medieval Towns, Churches, History, Fairy Tales and towns where time has stopped would be surreal. We went last summer, for any of you considering a Baltic Cruise it really is an experience of a lifetime. The Museums, the architecture, the shopping. A must do!
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