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Great little town, August 26, 2010

Reviewer: dmhuff92127
Pros: Dedicated to cruisers
Cons: Must take a taxi or shuttle to town
dmhuff92127 saw things this way
Overall   4.00/5  (4)

We were a little bit nervous about this port being somewhat close to the border (where you hear about all the drug violence) but when we got off our ship, they provided us with a $5 round trip shuttle that offered great information from a tour guide.

This little spring break town's local life completely shuts down when a ship comes to port and the only thing that is open is what cruisers desire. Shopping, and plenty of lively spring break-type bars and restaurants. Everyone is very friendly and completely dedicated to the cruisers. This is primarily because all of the town folk not involved in selling something to the tourists stay indoors for the day giving us free run of their beautiful little town. Can't wait for the next trip here.
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