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A walkable beautiful city with a depth of history and great charm., January 14, 2014

Reviewer: orracle
Pros: Art, architecture, shopping, great dining, and almost everyone speaks English.
Cons: The streets are busy, but that adds to the buzz.
orracle saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

Amsterdam is one of my favourite European cities. This time I visited the newly re-opened Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh and the Stedelijk. I can't see enough of Frans Hals, Rembrandt and the rest of the Golden Age painters, but Van Gogh and his contemporaries are lovely too. A visit to the Rembrandt House is a must for any art lover. Shop in the Bijenkorf for elegant things, tour the Beurs Van Berlage to swoon over the moderniste architecture and then be blown away by the old Nieue Kirche. Stop for traditional Dutch dishes like stampot at cosy restaurants like Haesje Clause, or grab a cone of fresh frites with mayonaise - better than the ones in Brussels. Just walking along the canals to see the different styles of canal houses is a feast for the eyes. And in spring, every house, every window, every garden, every spare bit of land, is full of tulips, hyacinth and crocuses. Take a canal cruise to see all the little twists and turns of the old city and try to arrange a bike ride through the city - very bike friendly - and into the countryside. Visit the flower market, and don't forget to go to the Anne Frank Museum. So much to do - and most of it you can do on foot, or by tram. Love this city.
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A vibrant city with wide tree lined avenues as well as canals, July 13, 2010

Reviewer: babsannie
Pros: Easy to get around
Cons: If you use a bike you might never find it unless you tie a balloon to it!!!
babsannie saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

Very surprised at the wonderful wide tree lined avenues running throughout the city. Some wonderful architecture and four large churches.

Very friendly and lively population giving the city a real buzz. We were very surprised to find we preferred Amsterdam to Bruges, but that seemed to be the opinion of most passengers not just us. Will go back for a longer stay as soon as possible.
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