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I had not expected this port to be one of my two favorites on this cruise, September 9, 2010

Reviewer: Donna D
Pros: The surprising number and variety of activities available on this small island
Cons: There was not a lot to do within walking distance of the dock
Donna D saw things this way
Overall   5.00/5  (5)

Our ship docked at Frederiksted, St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. There were a band, some dancers and a man on stilts, all dressed in bright colored clothing on the dock to greet us as we went ashore. They played, sang, danced, and called welcoming greetings to us.

The security people at the end of the dock were very friendly and helpful, answering questions and directing us to available transportation.

We elected to take a bus to Christiansted, the other main town on the island. The trip took about 30 to 40 minutes. The bus driver was also a tour guide and pointed out the places of interest, telling interesting and historical facts about them. When we got to Christiansted, he gave complete information about where and when we could get the bus back to Frederiksted.

Christiansted was a delightful town in which to stroll from shop to shop and wind up at the waterfront area. We enjoyed getting a cold drink at a waterfront cafe and watching the waterfront activity as we sat there. When we were ready to go back to Frederiksted, there was only a short wait until the bus arrived where we had been told it would be. A different guide gave a slightly different perspective in the things he told about the island.

We went back on board ship to eat lunch. After lunch, we went back ashore. At the end of the dock, on one side, there was a beach. We enjoyed spending time there. It was not one of the great beaches of the world, but we enjoyed walking on it and looking out over the beautiful Caribbean water.

After a while on the beach, we walked up to what seemed to be the main street of the town. There were very few shops to go through. However, along the street, from the end of the dock stretching out a couple of blocks, there were many vendors' stalls. They sold a variety of items that appeal to tourists. I bought a beautiful necklace made of pink conch shells and shaped like a flower. It has been a favorite of mine and has elicited many comments from other people when I wear it.

For those who are amateur photographers like I am, St. Croix is a great place for shooting a variety of subjects. The people, the flowers, the sea, the ship and smaller boats, and the constant activity are wonderful subjects.

We had docked in St. Thomas a number of times on cruises - in fact, had just been there on this cruise. I didn't expect to enjoy St. Croix as much as I have St. Thomas. What a pleasant surprise it was that the day in St. Croix was my favorite one of all on the cruise!
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