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So poor so depressing. The reviews I read said take an excursion. DON"T., December 29, 2014

Reviewer: irishmother1
Pros: Are there any?
Cons: The incredible poverty.
irishmother1 saw things this way
Overall   1.00/5  (1)

We took a tour of the island that included lunch. The island was very green and tropical. We wound around the island on roads that were so rough that it shook us to the core. Many houses had no doors or windows. They were just cinderblock shells.

It was Sunday which is laundry day. We saw women doing the family laundry on the front porch in a bucket. I looked up at a hillside and saw some little kids running around naked as jay birds. The guide said that their mother was probably washing their clothes. They didn't have another set of clothes. Then returning to a billion dollar ship was jarring.
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Stay on the boat., November 22, 2010

Reviewer: aoeviper
Pros: There is a bar a quarter-mile from the port.
Cons: The bar is not closer.
aoeviper saw things this way
Overall   1.00/5  (1)

We should have stayed on the boat (or maybe taken an excursion)... but we didn't. Many others went about 100 feet and turned back to the boat... we should have, but we didn't. We were bombarded by taxi drivers, self proclaimed tour guides, children begging for a dollar to get shoes, children selling shells, etc. I understand their situation, but it was ridiculous. After getting through the crowd of locals asking for our "bread" as they called it, we found a nice local bar looking out to the ocean. The peddlers were kept out, so we could enjoy the lush forests and beautiful ocean view. After our beverages, we headed straight back to the boat - we were ready to go.
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Unique port!, September 11, 2010

Reviewer: saved_angel
Pros: Beautiful forests!
Cons: Must go on an excursion
saved_angel saw things this way
Overall   4.00/5  (4)

To enjoy Samana, you must go on an excursion. There is nothing there if you don't do a tour or activity of some sort. We went on a horseback ride to a breathtakingly gorgeous waterfall. Well worth it, but be prepared for a decent hike and lots of mud.

Most excursions in Samana are for the more adventurous. The forests are beautiful and unspoiled. Take your hiking shoes and a good camera.
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