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Beautiful harbor, bustling city, August 26, 2010

Reviewer: Todd Todd
Pros: Wonderful setting
Cons: The city is not for tourists
Todd Todd saw things this way
Overall   2.00/5  (2)

Pusan is Korea's biggest port. The harbor is lovely and full of ships with TV's and computers.

Most visitors won't spend much time in town. There is a nice museum of Korean history with English explanations. The morning fish market is amazing, but don't you dare take pictures of the ladies selling the fish. The subway makes getting around town easy and fast, but it's not that easy to understand.

The docks are commercial. You might have a ways to walk to the street and when you get there it's time to play dodge 'em with the trucks with containers. However, there is the subway close by. Make sure you have Korean currency before you go very far. The other docks are nicer but way out of town and you must take a transfer into town.

Most passengers will take the day excursion to Kyongyu. This is a complex of tombs and temples in a lovely part of Korea.
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