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m/s Litvinov

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m/s Litvinov

m/s Litvinov description: The motor ships built in Germany and commissioned in 1990 are modern river vessels equipped with the latest navigat ional aids. They have been constructed to provide maximum comfort and safety on rivers, major lakes, waterways and reservoirs. Each ship features all outside staterooms with large picture windows and private facilities. Each cabin has individual temperatur e controls and air conditioning. The dining rooms offer Russian and Continental cuisine. Ample deck spaces allow for unobstructed views. Aboard each ship you'll find a small shop, pleasantly appointed bar, music salon, theater and beauty salon. The deck plan varies slightly with additional Sun Deck cabins.

Technical Specs
Length 129.1 m
Breadth 16.7 m
Draught 3.2 m
Main engines 3x736 kW
Passenger capacity 240
Speed 25.5 km/h
Type 302
Built 1990

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